Stolen Bike

Someone stole a bike today that was parked in front of Prince Rupert Middle School. It is a white HARO BMX that had purple handle grips the last time it was seen. Yes, the owner forgot to lock it but that is because he is a kid, not because he was inviting someone to steal the thing. He’s not going to get another bike…not probably for several years. So, now the poor guy is walking…and heartbroken. Please keep your eyes out for his bike. If you think you see it ditched somewhere or someone you know showed up with a free new bike today…call 250-627-4557. Thanks.

saw a BMX-type bike at the front of the Civic Center under the trees, near the front doors, at about 730 tonight. Didn’t pay much attention to colour. Hope it is yours.

shitty lesson to be learned by that young fellar…
sorry for the insensitivty…but thats the lessons kids will have to learn.
i truly hope someone spots the bike…hopefully not you callee…cause at that point i would believe someone is gonna geta hurt!!!

Oh Thanks oldymoldy but it was not to be. I swung by and had a peek after work but by then it was nearly midnight. No luck. Thanks anyway.

You’re right McSash…learn by doing they say! Never in all the rest of his life will he leave a bike unlocked. Too bad the rest of his childhood will be wheelie-free.

Does your child have a photo of the bike you can post? Any other descriptions? Do you have the serial number recorded somewhere?
We had our shed “entered” last year because our son forgot to lock it. We did actually get everything back. Most of it after it had been sold for peanuts. My son hasn’t made the same mistake yet;)

Hey notagain…he’s not my son, he’s a friend’s foster kid that is like a brother to my son (sort of, does that make any sense?). I’m not sure if there is a photo…I’ll ask him after school today. I’m posting a generic photo from an online catalogue. I’m not sure if the logo is in blue or not like this photo but this is the general design of the bike. Serial number would be on file at Far West if needed. I can’t imagine the fate of this bike but I picture some kid taking it for a joy ride yesterday and then ditching it before going home. I’d appreciate if anyone spots it to let me know. Thanks