Stolen Bike

Me again.  Because you all helped out so much with our missing puppy last month, a friend asked me to see if you could help out again.

A child’s bike was stolen out of a front yard on Raven Place earlier today, February 9.  It is a Kona Shred, black and white with green writing, and white forks.  It is similar to the attached picture.

If anyone knows anything, or sees the bike, please call Dave at 627-9652.  There may be a reward available.

Thanks for your help!

Tough luck, that’s gotta be a pretty expensive point. We’ve had so many bikes taken over the last few years that it’s gotten to the point where we lock them up even when they’re inside our carport hanging from the roof…

Good luck finding yours! Definitely very frustrating.

Bump.  Good luck finding your bike.

Wondering if people could keep an eye out for my son’s bike that was stolen on Tuesday.We are offering a reward for it’s return. It is a black and white Kona Shred with the words in green. Would love to get it back, thanks for any help!

I didn’t realize this was already on here. Thanks so much :smile:

hi there, sorry to hear, its a wicked bike, I will keep an eye out, Ive had many bikes stolen from me over the years, and Ive posted them here looking for help, Im glad that the treatment of people who have had bikes stolen has improved, steps to help find it might be:

  1. report the bike stolen to RCMp in Terrace? PG? Van? or just make inquiry there?

  2. check craigslist BC, ebay, and other for sale sites?

  3. check schools and areas, Ive found a couple of my childrens bikes either locked up at a school or in bushes nearby.

  4. most likely its in someones garage, you may have to wait for them to get lazy and/or stupid to find it.

  5. TELL everyone!!!

  6. good luck, I will post back here if I have any leads…


was the frame white? i just saw a Kona downtown with white frame/forks with green decals…

The frame is black with white forks but the writing is green.

I saw a bike that looked similar leaning on the handrail at PJ’s most of the day yesterday, you might want to keep an eye out there…

You might want to review your posting history and refresh your memory on how many times you posted lost bikes before the crowd turned on you, DD.


thanks for reminding me why I left…

Your welcome…

bump Just one more time. Thanks.

Saw this bicycle wheel between the two old fish plants on the waterfront:

Maybe it’s a fish wheel

Maybe it was out making a spoketicle of itself?  :imp: