Stolen Bike! Please read

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my norco pinnacle got taken sometime this morning from out front of my house, its a 1988 red/white fade hard tail with black Omni Front Shock forks, black rims with black hubs and black trail tires, red/black seat, silver Biopace Cranks, black pedals, clip on black CCM mini-air pump, black norco grips, silver handlebars, black bar ends, black brake levers and shifters.

this is my baby, and my only personal ride, I went for early morning ride, and the weather improved so I was going to go again, and went outside and its gone, no one saw anything, except a couple rumors that someone in a black hoodie took it, it maybe sitting by a hotel somewhere downtown…attached below are some pics of it. PLease keep an eye out, its not worth much cash wise being that old, but its taken me years to get it just the way I like it, and its gone…

worse still this bike was my OLD pinncle, my brand new one was stolen some months back, and I fell back on my old one, and bought new parts for it instead of buying a new one, I really love to ride, what a pain…

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Oh man, that sucks!  :imp: I hope you get your bike back!!

Sorry to hear about that, what street/area was it taken from? Sometimes they are dumped off not too far from where they are stolen.

Another bike stolen from you, eh?  That’s crazy!  Time to invest in bike locks.

Aren’t you the guy who was posting earlier about stolen bikes?  Have you ever recovered any?

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ITS BACK!!! Called it in, 30 minutes later an officer showed up with it!!

Right Shifters broken on it, found leaning against a fence outside a house on Borden Street, no suspects, one of my friends tells me theres a bootleggers house on that street and thats prolly why it was taken, to get down there quicker and then they prolly taxied/walked back with a case or two…who knows…doesnt matter to much now, as I have it back, I do have locks for most of our bikes, but as we have about 10+ bikes, managing key/combinations doesnt work to well, and Ive had to cut either a bike or a lock to get it off… ;-(

anyway, thanks all for your support in my trying day, and thank you anonymous police officer who found it and brought it back…

and whoever stole it, may he get a flat…

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Awesome!!! :sunglasses:

Mig: I have recovered some, ussually beat up a little, its been kids most of the times, but I figure a teen/adult this time, concidering the size of my bike…

I figure they broke the shifter and couldnt ride it any further…

below are pics of a couple of them I got back…

the grey/white bmx was the one I found at the Anunciation School, it was my daughters birthday present, it came back minus a couple parts/stickers, the Purple was at Roosevelt, came back scratched/minus parts, the red/black/white 24" was by 2nd Ave. bridge, mine was at borden st., missing from these pics are a yellow norco in my back yard, rusted/beat up when it came back from the east side, and a chrome bmx I got back at the mall, minus my good parts and replaced with utter crap…

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Wow!  That’s alot of bikes.  You could almost open your own bike shop there.  LOL!!!  Just pokin fun.  I hate it when shit gets stolen.  Makes me wanna punch someone really freakin hard! :angry:

I do want to open my own bike shop here, been a life long dream of mine I guess, I thought it was a computer store but I worked long enough in one of those to not want to go back, Im going to call it, Mykes Bykes and I was thinking in the old Dairy Queen, or in that shop right across the street from the mall, that Teddy recently painted…

its gone again…I took kids for walk, neighboor came by and borrowed it, put it back, unlocked…I got home, and its not there…it should have been fine, my kids were playing outside in our area, yet no one saw anything…doh!

time to move from that area its prone to theft, well it was when i lived there… BC housing on east side are redoing all the town houses and apartments and also implementing high tech security video camera’s everywhere. :smiley:

Some random guy came up to me last night and tried to sell that norco bike in that pic for $20 he said he found it on the middle of the road in an alley.

Bait bike and a bat. Apparently there pretty quick on an unlocked bike so you should not have to wait too long…

You might want to ignore the bat part, but the thought of using it brings a small bit of satisfaction.

can the user who saw it give me some kind of discription? tall/short, native/white, old/young? which alley? what time? anything would help thanks.

it would help becuase this has been happening alot lately, I think I know who’s doing it,
theres this guy who moved in across from me, and he got me to fix up this rusted solid
black super-cycle full suspension, which I did, and I even paid for the parts he needed,
and I woke up one morning to it being gone.

I freaked as it didnt belong to me, and I rode all over the city looking for it, tracking down every mountain bike tread mark I could see, to no avail, which makes sense as afterwards I went down to the pawn shop with the kids to check out their games, and lo an behold theres the bike, minus the seat… ;-( I ask the lady “so, now you guys are buying stolen bikes?” , and shes like “Its been here for a couple months now.” to which I said “umm I don’t think so, I’d say 3-4 days.” and her husband finally admits that it did come in a couple of days ago.

I went by the guys house after getting home, and I ask his wife if he’s home, she says no.
I then tell her that her husbands bike has been stolen, and she tells me she knows, her husband told her he was taking it. I’m like “great, wish he’d told me, as Ive been running all over the city looking for it, and Ive even reported it stolen to the police.”. Anyway, I figure this guy for a crackhead who needs 20 or so dollars to buy a rock.

And now theres some guy seen downtown trying to sell a bike he found only minutes ago in some alley? wtf is that? who finds a bike and tries to sell it right away? a simple free phone call could have returned an obvisiouly stolen bike???

Bump.  Good luck with recovering your property.

lol I got it back, my and my daughter went for a walk downtown after getting a great anon tip, and bumped into a guy on it, claims he found it in an alley, either way Im happy to get it back, YET AGAIN…

oh and he took his bar end plugs, as mine were either gone, or he took them out?
what a wierd day…

Glad you got your bike. :smile:


Lotsa drama today…I’m gonna take a nap now.