Stieg Larsson

Anyone else read his books?
Recovering from a bashed face and knee, can’t put down “The Girl Who Played With Fire”.

Also discovered the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo has reached N American theatres. Finally I movie I really want to see. Good ratings too.

They really are good books! I managed to read Girl with the Dragon Tattoo last weekend, and Girl who played with fire this weekend…

The films pretty good too, although I’ve only seen it in Swedish with subtitles, don’t know if thats a general thing or cos I saw it in Sweden! =)

It was very dark, but I enjoyed "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."
The movie was good also.
Don’t have much hope for the Hollywood remake despite handsome Daniel Craig being cast.

I hate being that guy, you know the one, who always smugly says that the book is better than the movie. Well, in this case it’s true.

I’ve read all three books, and watched the first two movies. The movies are almost a review of what happened in the books, without much of the important detail or character development.

bought the first two books and trying sooo hard to get into them…Im about pg 160 or so in the first book and so far…just isnt grabbing me at all :frowning:

Began listening to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on audio while driving and need another journey in order to complete.
A very slow start to the story but it’s picking up. Enjoyable not to have the setting in the near cliche locales. Found myself studying Swedish maps to locate the places.

Great books! I have read 2 of the three! I couldn’t put them down! although in the first book it was slow starting!