Sticker shock hits the Charlottes

Gary Coons was able to get the attention of residents of the Queen Charlotte Islands on Monday night; all he had to do was total up the coast for two passengers and a vehicle to take a trip to Rupert and back.

At 500 dollars, the going rate for a Hecate Strait crossing, the rising fares suddenly have become a hot issue on Haida Gwaii…

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Holy crap!  That’s crazy expensive!  There should be some sort of price cap or something.  Luckily for me, I could probably hop on a fishing boat and visit over there if I wanted. 

That’s unbelievable. I had no idea the cost was that high. You’d imagine there would be a much lower cap on fees on the basis of the service being an essential service and therefor provincially subsidized or controlled.

Wow. Damn. And I was going to be travelling to-and-from fairly frequently in the coming two years. Guess I’ll be a walk-on.

Isnt it federally subsidized too

In alaska the ferry service is deemed as essential service and the citizens of Ak pay way less for their fares that you or I.  Whould be the same for at least the people of the North especially QCI.  Perhaps we should take the BC ferry head guya nd send him over on the QCI on a nasty voyage sideways front rolls etc.  Would be a plan and then have him stuck over there on the boat for 2 days because it is too ugly to cross the strait! captive audience!