Steve Riley joins the club

The hair club for men, that is…

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I bet his chin hasn’t seen daylight since he was in highschool! He should have got a mohawk like the other guy… puffy curly hair is perfect for that!

I bet he’s sweating bullets wondering if it will grow back!

Raising over $6000 is a great boost for Roosevelt… the kids should be quite proud of themselves.

Good job.

If I could grow a beard, I wouldn’t shave it off.

brings a tear to your eye… :cry:

Wow, honestly thats such a big change! glad to see they raised good money. But no more curly hair… I wonder if he’ll let it grow out again

Mr. Riley looks so much different! I hope you don’t get those nightmares back, Carm…he he. But shaving off something that has been a part of him for so long is very brave, and for such a good cause! I’m impressed.

They didn’t raise it for Roosevelt. I believe it was for the Tsunami relief.

I’m keeping a tea caddy ready in case his head gets cold.

It’s great how willing people are to donate to popular causes, like the Tsunami. But it also seems like we need something that we can readily relate to in order to find it within ourselves to donate. We need a DISASTER! Something glamorous, not that the Tsunami isn’t a good cause. Sure, lots of people died and many lives were torn apart. But all across the world people die of disease, hunger, etc. But it’s not as personal to us if someone dies in Africa of AID’s, or of starvation. We’ve already been desensitized to it.

I don’t know where I’m going with this. I’m not getting down on anyone for wanting to help out the Tsunami victims. It really is great that people are helping out! I just can’t help but feel a bit like a sheep being led around by the media, following the popular stories and empathyzing with the glamorous disaster victims. Maybe it’s just me though.

I hope no one assumes I’m trying to belittle the Tsunami victims. It’s the media and our societies response to it that bugs me.

well so what your we should stage some disaster to make money?

shaving the bastards head already constitutes a disaster. as if he wasnt ugly enough before hand…