Staying Abreast of Sexual Awareness

Here’s a story that was published in the U of C’s paper on March 3rd of this year… Lucky them…

Staying Abreast of Sexual Awareness

Performers for the Sexual Health Awareness Show discovered assless chaps are, in fact, not allowed in MacEwan Student Centre after several complaints were made to Campus Security.

Students’ Union Events Commissioner Al Stanford, who organized the event, is still happy with the outcome, complaints and all.

“This has exceeded expectations, we figure almost 2,000 people have passed through the doors,” said Stanford. “I’ve had both positive and negative responses, but most people leave with a curious gay smile.”

The performers, who are members of the Nasty Girls entertainment group, attracted attention from students as they strolled through the MSC food court to promote the show, dressed only in revealing chain mail bikinis.

According to Stanford, after Campus Security expressed concerns over the lack of fabric in the costumes, the performers were cooperative in covering up.

Nasty Girl Honey Houston has an interesting perspective when it comes to the sexual acceptance of students at the U of C, being both an exotic dancer and full time philosophy student. She hopes that the week will help U of C students loosen up when it comes to sex.

“Being a student and an exotic dancer are in two opposite worlds–doing homework in a strip bar can be interesting,” said Houston. “I hope students at the U of C will get the confidence to try new things. This is the place to expand your mind in different ways.”

*WARNING: Below is a picture scanned from the newspaper (The Gauntlet). It contains nudity of the Boobies and of the Cooter.

Be sure to find an adult after looking at this*

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Dang, wish that would go down at my high school :laughing:

It’s amazing what they’re allowed to put into school papers. While we haven’t had any nudity in our school’s (BCIT) paper like U of C, there is definately a lot of language that you won’t find in any other newspaper. There has been plenty of “cock” “wang” “fuck” “shit”, you name it. Some “interesting” spring break stories too. Anyways, I’m in school right now, I gotta run.

Well, it’s not like they completely “got away” with it… It was printed and distributed and then quickly recalled from the stands.

Here’s the story published from the UofA’s paper (The Gateway)…

Same with our paper at the UofA, there’s lots of curse words

Nude Photo Causes Outcry

Two editors of the Gauntlet, a student newspaper at the University of Calgary, were suspended without pay last Monday after publishing a nude photo of a stripper in early March.

The photograph, which was taken at the University of Calgary Students’ Union Sexual Health Awareness show, depicted the full-frontal nudity of a woman wearing a chain-mail bikini.

The accompanying article focused on the women parading through the MacEwan Student Centre’s food court in overly revealing attire prior to the show. In a response published in the Gauntlet from the News Editor Dale Miller, one of suspended, he argued that the photo properly depicted the event.

“The performers were hired by the SU to put on the show, they chose their own outfits and performed in a public environment, in front of both media and the University population,â€

Don’t put stickers on your wohoooo