Stars on houses

Around my neighborhood, there are a few houses with tin stars on the outside walls.
(like here:
It’s supposed to be decorative and as a sign of luck. 

I think it’s a sect!

Kind of like that line of three butterflies you sometimes see on the older houses.

Weird. People have the worst taste in things sometimes.

Stars, butterflies…

Does anyone up there remember that house on the east side that had the huge-ass Smurfs on the outside?? Man those things used to creep me out!!

hahaha that was the Pottle’s house… they are still there on the house they now own on 6th East.

lol drive by it almost every day Sept-Jun driving my kid to school. Love that Smurf!

I had a friend who lived with her mom in that neighbourhood and the first time I walked past the house and saw the Big Blues, I think I stood there with my jaw dropped low. She just laughed and kept on walking.

Eeeeek!!  :astonished:

A woman I know got religion and turned the abandoned little building on her lot into a church for her new cult. It seats about 8 or 9 on kitchen chairs.
But she used a string of Christmas lights, blood red ones, to outline a crooked cross around the door…
it’s right across from the park and kids move to the other side of the street where it’s less creepy… I shudder everytime I drive by at night…

There’s a house on west 7th or 8th that has big angels on the outside wall.  They’re pretty and all, but I thought that would be more of just a Christmas time thing…  I find it strange too.