Hey does anyone have a copy of Starcraft that I could have or buy?

And I need that CD key as well. :smiley:

in return i get?

You get a brand new car!!!.. what do you mean where out of those…ummm 3 brand new 5 dollar bills.

Printed on an epson, a HP or just photocopied?

I prefer techtronix, so much cleaner. Iwill look for my starcraft install.

I need both the frist and and second Starcraft. please

Read a book!
Shoot your Gun!

Don’t post on here. :imp:

ps. Cut your hair or I’ll do it in your sleep.

Why dont you make me. Oh dearist sister.

ka-blam… the “Who the heck is Nomadic Man” mystery is solved.


gh3y. no starcraft for you now.

Haircuts are for the weak.

I’ll get you for this carmel!!!

Learn to spell dumbass brother or at least spell check.

Spell this. B-I-T-E M-E

With the knowledge of your hygienic habits I’d have to decline.

Oh yeah? Whats that?

Ack… I wouldn’t bite a sibbling clean or dirty.

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