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Star Choice Communications Inc.
2924 11 St. N.E.
Calgary, AB T2E 7L7

Dear sirs:

I regret to inform you we will be cancelling the service we started Sept. 1st as of Jan.1, 2008. 
The service was offered with $50 free credits towards PPV movies, of which we were able to use $18 worth (3 movies) in the 90 day time period. All three of those were movies we could have rented before we even subscribed to your service.

The non-PPV movie channels are a joke, we waited for the start of each month to find no new programs, worse offferings and movies so old they've been on broadcast TV for years. For "only" $80 a month, I find myself switching over to my outdoor antenna to watch stations we still do not get with our package. In plain truth, we've only watched ONE new channel on a regular basis since switching to satellite.
Your PPV movies more often than not have nothing other than the year and the main actors in the info display, a pretty half-assed way to try to sell something to a customer.
In 2007, there is no way to order movies over the Internet, and your decoder boxes require a telephone line rather than Internet connection.
You still have not taken one-half hour of tech time to program your ordering system with a West Coast choice with proper start times. Press 2 if you're in BC, that's all it takes. My after-school workers are capable of programming a damn answering machine.
I'm extremely disappointed that your programming selection in 2007 pales as to what I used to get on my old C-band dish 20 years ago.
So we're going back to 12 channels of absolutely free over the air broadcast, where we can discover there's nothing on in a few clicks, or buy picking up the daily newspaper.

Your website does not even list a "Feedback" e-mail, so if I am going to have to send this on paper, I may as well hit PRINT and make another for the CRTC for only the cost of a stamp.


I remember those old c-band satellite dishes.  A friend of mine used to pick up some really odd things with those, from porn channels to live feeds of news reporters waiting to go on the air.  I wonder if you can still pick up much with them?

Just radiation poisining :neutral_face:

yes fine right now and this moring at 8:0 am

you betcha they still work, although yer old videocipher decoders are useless these days, but there are still lots of wild feeds. You can also just buy a new lnb for the old dish and pick up bell or dishnet with them, get a hacked bell reciever with yer old dish and you can get everything they have for free  so you can “test out your equipment”. :smiley: :smiley:

Man I am glad those days are over :smile: