So starbucks will be here in 2 weeks? I know they started training people
already.  I wonder if someone will shut down becuase of them.  Is it true you
have to walk through beans and greens to get into a clinic? or is it just beside one?

Hahaha my sister got hired at the new starbucks.

Have you never been in hospitals in the Vancouver area? Childrens Hospital right at the main entrance has a Second Cup, like right in the lobby. SB is in the medical building across from the entrance of Childrens, only about 500 feet away.

Royal Columbian in New West there is a Second Cup in the lobby. Burnaby has one and I’m told a few other hospitals as well, all have a coffee place in the lobby.

So when I saw beans and greens go in it reminded me of hosptials in Van.

Personally, I cannot wait for Starbucks to open its door.  Just in time for their Christmas Blend too, a perfectly satisfying roast and blend and a must have.  I travel a lot to the US and in 90% of the Safeways there, they have a Starbucks inside.  I use my Safeway card whenever I get myself my tall house blend in a grande cup (room for creme, ya see), and my next cup is free.  At the registers at all these facilities inside Safeway, are tip jars.  I tend to tip nicely at regular starbuck locations, but when I heard that the employees do not get the tips at Safeway locations, I was taken back.  There is a sign beside the tip jar advising where those tips go, but the employees never see them… its Safeway’s policy.  I have never seen seating.  The closest I’ve ever come to seeing seating after purchasing my cup 'o java, was actually just outside the front doors.  When you’re holidaying in sunny Arizona, its not that bad.  I’m not sure what the plans are (if any) for seating at this Safeway.