Star wars

In terms of power, style, skill, and all round coolness, who is better?

  • Obiwan
  • Darth Vader
  • Neither. Darth Maul ownz purely for those horn thingys on his head.

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Oh the questions that come to mind when one is avoiding essay writing.

Darth Vader is the geek who became a bad guy.

He’s every evil geek’s hero. Witness how out of breath he seems when he walks a couple of steps. Just like every geek that I have encountered in my short time in office.

Also, like geeks, Darth Vader depends on technology to maintain his power. He could never beat one of the rebels mano-a-mano, so he needs things like respirators, the especially evil bent-wing version of the TIE fighter, and the obvious penis extension that is his light sabre. Again, like every geek that I know.

Like geeks, Darth Vader must lay off the pizza pockets and try to get his cardio up.

nancy is gordo’s wife too!!

Oh cmon, no option for yoda? I guess ya gotta go with darth then.

The coolness of Yoda isn’t even being debated here.

Yoda is a muppet with powers. He is the Master.

Is Samuel L. Jackson in it? He’s in everything!

Only cause of the cool sunglasses.

Or wait is that that dude from from that movie…what was it called?..matrix? something like that…

And the award for best stealth Family Guy quote goes to…

I stand ashamed and dishonored. Eso truly is the master…of Family Guy quotes.

I’m glad someone picked up on it, otherwise I would have had to explain it, and explaining a joke, by definition, deadens the humour.