Star Wars - Revelations

This is interesting for Star Wars fans. Yah Yah, I know some of ya are going to put down some stupid remarks. But give it a thought before ya download it.

Who said only big movie companies can make good movies? A group of Star Wars fans made a 40 min movie completely on their own. Compared to the ‘real’ movies the quality might not be 100% the same but its much better than what you might expect from someone spending only a meagerly couple of K (dollars). It took something like 3 years to complete.

Because its a fan film and the ‘rights’ to Star Wars belongs to Lucas Arts they cannot make any money of it and thus it is available as a free download from the net! I downloaded it and I’m impressed with the quality. There are places you can see they lack skills on ‘FX’ like when buildings explode but the space battle scenes are great!

To download and read more check out their site

its great i watched it a few months ago, these guys did a great job there is anougher good FAN FILM called IMPS if you saw TROOPERS you will love this star wars fan film.

I couldn’t download from the above link, but I did find another that works: … 1_download

Thanks for the additional link. My download went dead with the other posted link. :smiley: