Star Wars III, hottest actress?

my vote’s for bai ling, hands-down. even though it’s been announced
that’s she’s been cut from the movie, all you need to do is check out
playboy’s june issue to nod your head in agreement…a blue light saber
never looked so good :smile:


What’s your definition of hot?

Everyone know’s that Episode 3 hottest actress is Chewbacca’s woman! :laughing:

HOT :smiling_imp:
Oh yeah baby!

Oh…umm…what happens when you take all that make up off?

you apply your own pollen glaze to her chin. skeet skeet

Out of curiousity, when is the first showing of this movie in Rupert?

If we are lucky opening Day, If not try in two to 3 weeks,

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We just might watch it.

I have my wookie outfit all ready.

Her playboy photos are awsome. She was the one with Jango Fett hey!
Check her photos out, she has HUGE nipples! About an inch! :open_mouth:

what a wookie…

natalie portman( hands down