Standing firmly on the dock with Herb

Well if the percolating rumours around town ever prove true that Mayor Pond has his eye on a bid for provincial office, we can think of one person that might be interested in the plentiful PR and spin jobs that go with any electoral campaign.

The Daily News editorial on Wednesday evening came down strongly in support of Mayor Herb Pond and his bid to have the province of British Columbia become more financially involved with the repairs to the Alaska Ferry dock.

Earle Gale effusively praised Pond for doing all he can do to make sure that the province helps to pay for the much needed repairs, explaining that he’s “in the right place at the right time.â€

When I see Kevin Falcon handing out the doe then I will re-consider my opinion on the wasted spending on all of Mayor Ponds trips.


I read that article from our newest newbie editor. Perhaps he might have raised the question that if it makes sense now that the province should pay for a dock that is essentialy an extension of Hwy 16… why didn’t it make sense at any time in the last 5 years and why is the Mayor only now raising this issue with the powers that be.

Frankly Herby’s spin  fails to explain why as mayor of a struggling city in dire economic straits for the past decade he has missed the illogic of us paying for the Alaskan Ferry Dock during the numerous budget cycles he has presided over.  It appears that we’ve known for some time that major repairs would be required… and it is surprising that only now are overtures being made to the Province.  Certainly with a five million dollar error in last year’s budget, one would have thought that all stops would have been pulled at examining all expenditures.