Stairway to heaven backwards

This guy memorized Stairway to Heaven, backwards.  Then he recorded himself singing it.  Then he reversed it. … irway.html

Original site: … mania.html

Also, check out the 56 versions here: … to_he.html

Yeah, I remember a friend of mine had an uncle who was a pretty strict Mormon, and he gave my friend a video caled “Hell’s Bells.”  It showed how Rock and Roll was evil, and that all songs had secret references to Satan.

There was one in particular I liked: if you play “Another one bites the dust” by Queen backwards, it says “decided to smoke marijuana.”  I’ve actually heard this one for myself, and it does kind of sound like it, though it’s so slurred you can barely make it out.

I didn’t have many albums when I was younger but my cousins, who were pretty good musicians had many and I used to listen with them.  My aunt, a very practicing catholic ( or like we say around here: More catholic than the Pope!), tormented them so much about the backwards crap that they ended up burning a whole pile of them.  AC/DC’s Back in Black,  For Those about to Rock and Highway to Hell,  many Kiss albums including the solo collection, and of course Led Zeppelin,  were among the vinyls that were burnt.  I don’t think  my cousins ever forgave their mom for this.  I sure didn’t.

When I was in Australia in 1993, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation had just put out a special on Stairway to Heaven.  They got a number of different artists to record it.  My favourite was Rolf Harris, you know, the Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport guy.

I would have like to hear the actual backwards track too. His timing was excellent so he must have put an incredible amount of work on this.

Check the one calle Hard-Ons.  Is that Eso’s band by any chance?  Make sure you listen until the end.

MR 1200 can pLAY anything bcakWARds. Check out Fire on high by ELO an you are on your way to finding the “b” note