Stabbing on 5th?

is there any truth to the stabbings on 5th ave east around the school area? or is it just prince rumor again.

I don’t think so. No press releases.

It was probably Astro and Mcsash settling their differences.

Well perhaps the paper has a different resource than the public, but if we’re waiting for the police to post it to their website we’ll be waiting a long time, there hasn’t been a Prince rupert oriented item on it since the start of the month.

Sounds like it might be a news story, maybe we’ll see it in the paper one day…

The usual media liasons are away. We’ll have a double sized beat when in Wednesdays paper.

thats probably the same story, i just was told the rupertized version.

To bring in another topic … maybe it was just The Punisher dealing with a kid who was stealing tire thingy caps …  :smiley:

Am I crazy or were there were other posts in this thread earlier today that have been deleted. They pointed out that this wasn’t a rumor and indeed did happen.

no your eyes due not deceive you mike  :astonished:

Ah. Good to know. It’s all a conspiracy to keep things quiet then.  :smiley:

Sorry about that ASStro…how many stitches did you need?
I will reimburse you $1 oer stitch.