Spywear and virus protection

just give me the most effective and free programs that get rid of shit like this.

AVG & Adaware at http://www.download.com SIR!!

#1: apple.com/macosx/

If you can’t get that program (it comes free with Macs :wink:

then get this:

#2: getfirefox.com

And don’t get viruses and spyware in the first place.


its blacker than a black acura

firefox is for frenchmen

No man, everyone uses firefox. I think you might be confusing it with le firefox.

Ah, without firefox, how are you going to run all those neat firefox extensions?


On top of that, the Opera company is scum. They override google ads, affiliate links to amazon, etc. Basically, if you surf a site with opera and click a link, Opera makes money, not the site.

It’s like watching TV, and the TV station doesn’t make any money from commercials – the TV manufacturer does. Shitty.

it works really well for me, they can kick orphans in the nuts for all i care.

firefox extensions : what… couldnt build a good browser right off the bat?

Extensions: anybody can write one.

Can you write an extension for Opera? Or do you have to wait for Opera to do it, and charge you for it?

You may not care about Opera’s business practices, but webmasters certainly do. It’s shitty. And it’s shitty to the websites that you visit. Including this one. You’re saying that I should go through lots of hard work so Opera can make money and rip me off?

I don’t know why I haven’t blocked Opera users yet.

How do you check gmail with opera?

serious the bit about overriding your google adsense? i use Opera on your site, sorry. Post a link on this subject and I’ll ditch it and remove it from our ISPs install disk. We need adsense too!


works with gmail for me.

sure, block opera users if ya want.





Awwwwww the cute lil HTMF dog is back!

HTMF little Dog where ?

[quote=“Alpine Scrub”]works with gmail for me.

sure, block opera users if ya want.[/quote]

and im stealing tv too if i change the channel during commercials?

get real hippies.

No, that’s not what it’s doing. I have no problem with not watching the commercials.

But what if your Sony TV decided that instead of watching CTV’s commercials, your TV would show only Sony commercials? So that if Rainbow Chrysler paid the TV station to run an ad during the news, and instead, your Sony TV decides that it will run an ad for Terrace Chrysler instead? Is that fair to the TV station? Is that fair to the advertiser?

It’s slimy and shitty. It’s what most spyware and scumware does, without you knowing it.

Is that what makes Opera a better browser? It’s shittyness?

Either you pay for the browser, or you steal it, or it steals from website. Very nice.

I don’t see how you can justify it, it’s just plain wrong.

Here’s an example of one of the things Opera does:


That’s your site, with an ad on it. You didn’t put the ad there, I did.

Is that fair? Am I a hippie if I say it’s wrong?


That’s Hoshq’s site, with an ad placed on top of it.

Is that fair? Am I a hippie if I say it’s wrong?

What do you think Andrew would say about it?

[quote=“Alpine Scrub”]www.opera.com

its blacker than a black acura

firefox is for frenchmen[/quote]

And opera is for sissies who like singing eunuch!

Speaking of singing, I’ve been throwin’ down in some Bob Dylan for close to an hour now.

Well, just to be on the safe side (and lose the 0.02 % of users who use Opera), I’ve blocked it from HTMF.

The fat lady has sung.

Not really about the money, but about the principle.