Spyware and scumware

what’s with the highlighted new car word?? New way of advertising on the net?? U makin some money doin that Mig?(j/k) Or is it just my computer?




Certain words are underlined in a green/yellow. When I hold my curser over top of it a small add appears. Must be some garbage spyware that leaked onto my system. Might be a result of that PC Power scan crap, who knows.

Yup, it’s called scumware. The worst kind of spyware.

The really shitty thing is that it is probably replacing legitimate ads on websites that you visit. If you buy anything online through an affiliate link, the spyware company gets the commission too, stealing it from the person whose link you actually followed.

So somehow this stuff got on your computer. Time to run ad-aware!

check scumware.com

But yeah, update ad-aware and run that.

ahahahahahhaha prudence you suck

two days ago:

“wow, that pc power enema cleaner really did the trick! it says it fixed 156 problems in my windows system core! wowsers. everyone should download this”

“wow, guys, why is there all sorts of shit on my computer? and it burns when i urinate!!”

yeah I suck compared to you. Poor me :cry:

its ok - I think a lot of people feel that way, maybe you could get together and form a support group?

will you be our sponsor?

no I’m much too busy with my south american public speaking tour kicking off the first week of june in rio.

you’ll survive. or not, and my secretary will send some flowers to your family.

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