Special Thanks to the Pacific Coast Vets

My deepest sympathies for your loss, codybear933.  I had cats as a child and I completely understand your pain.  You made the correct, compassionate decision.

I love the rainbow bridge poem.  It brings me peace knowing all my “fur babies” are in a better place…and I love the end where it talks about us being reunited with them.  That will be a special day.

  codybear I have seen animals with broken bones, that have been hit by cars and have terrible injuries, with pieces missing from fights with other animals, and in most cases unless you knew something was wrong you would have no idea they were suffering or in pain. 

  One thing I know for sure is that animals handle pain far differently the we humans do, and even though they handle it better it doesn’t mean they hurt any less.

  In your case you were seeing the outward signs and you absolutely did the right thing for your friend, death with dignity, not suffering, and wishing it would end soon, because they don’t understand what is wrong with them.

  I am sure your friend meant nothing by their comment, we have all said things and not realized how they have sounded to others, hopefully they were just trying to come to terms with your decision and if they are ever in the same position their friend swill show a little more tact.

  As for the poem I have heard that somewhere before but it reduced me to a sobbing puddle of tears before I got anywhere near the end, I hope I just remember to bring a couple of treats with me when I make my walk.

This was given to me when I lost my lovely German Shephard many years ago.
                                      A  DOGS’ PLEA
Treat me kindly, my beloved friend, for no loving heart in all the world is more grateful for your kindness than mine.  Do not break my spirit with a stick for though I may lick your hands between blows, patience and understanding will more quickly teach me those things you wish for me to learn.  Speak to me often, for your voice is my worlds’ sweetest music as you can tell from the fierce wagging of my tail when your footsteps fall upon my waiting ears.  Please take me inside when it is cold and wet for I am a domesticated animal, no longer accustomed to the harsh elements. I ask no greater glory than to lay at your feet, nuzzling your caressing hands.  Keep my pan filled with water for I cannot tell you when I am thirsty.  Feed me clean food that I may stay well to romp and play, to do your bidding, to walk by your side and to stand ready, willing and able, to protect you with my life if you should ever be in danger.  And my loving friend, when I am very old and I no longer enjoy good health, hearing and sight, do not make heroic efforts to keep me with you, for though my LOVE shines, my spirit is weak.  Please see that my life is taken gently.  I shall leave our world we shared, my beloved friend, knowing with the last breath I draw, that my life was always safest in your loving hands.

The only thing I can add to that of any relevance is, Amen.

Before this moves off the board, I just want to thank everyone for their thoughts, for sharing their stories and for lending a helping hand to a fellow member “in distress”. Thank you , this has meant more than you know.

Hope you have a good day codybear, and thank you for sharing your story and your pics

Rainbow Bridge is also the name of a Jimi Hendrix tune, I wonder where he got the inspiration from…