SPCA Shelter may close

Well maybe that  may not surprise any citizen or tax payer in this community that was always on top of things years ago. It seems that we are getting used to places and things closing down as of late. Who was the last voted official to ever get into something with the SPCA? I believe it was Nelson, who was the last voted official to get into something with the seniors? I believe that was Nelson as well.
Maybe shutting down the city hall or council may bring some reality back to this once beautiful community. Does every council member remember any of their election promises , their speeches and the hands they kissed to get their seat? Who is next to go and where are those Boom promises? The little critters in the SPCA can not speak for themselves and neither can council members either. I voted for certain members because I wanted someone to represent me in that Brickhouse so please remove the gag order and start to represent who put you there. You all have your individual votes and promises which you have failed with. Enough bullshit each and every one of you and that includes you Jack.

I stand by your statement Justin.

Honestly I though the SPCA was among the last few things would disappear off the face of this city, and apparently this is not the case anymore. Pure disgusting.

I agree.  With the overburden of animals at the SPCA council should pass a bylaw to limit the amount of pets people can have.  This might discourage the person who adopts Mr. Meadowmuffin only to discover Mr. Meadowmuffin to be a retarded cat and leave him to live in the woods.  Then all of a sudden Mr. Meadowmuffin is conversing with all the stray hussy cats to the tune of Cat Scratch Fever and voila; can you say kitty problem.

I mean come on this would have to be easy to pass no?

Oh and no exotic animals as well.

I agree with your views regarding the S.P.C.A… Until we can deal with the cat situation in P.R., We need his entity. As for all the rest of your political jargon,'heard it a trillion times…step up and show us your cool. I’d love one of your campaign signs in my yard.

Thank you Justin for your topic and your opinion and have to agree on all of it !  I will not say too much on this as I would like to defer to the Manager of our shelter for her input.  I am sure, with all the work, the commitment and the loyalty the staff have put into that shelter over these past years, they must not only be devastated but angry, to say the least. The community has always supported us and we are very grateful for that.  It has been common knowledge out there, if not in the forefront of the news, at least the majority of the community was aware of the concerns of the shelter and so I look around at the umbrellas, the outdoor gym, the steps to nowhere by the Flags and I want to ask, was there ever a time that someone might have thought of our shelter and again, I may be speaking out of turn here and I apologize if that is the case but where was the help then?  I am not, to much of an extent, privy to the financial challenges of the shelter, I am only a volunteer who does the garage sales but please can we not find a way to again join forces and find a solution to this otherwise horrible situation. The ramifications of this decision by Council are unimaginable.

You know it did cross my mind a number of times during last campaign but seriously I thought there was going to be changes and voices, so I think we got screwed on both of those. If I am around for next Gong show who knows been in worse situations and used to dealing with sheep dressed up as suiters.

'gimme a few examples of these ‘changes and voices’  :unamused:

I know the shelter has a hard time taking in every animal and sometimes they have to turn them away.  But can you imagine our community with an additional 500 stray animals on the streets.  People will really be complaining about the POOP!

I am very saddend and disgusted with this possible closure…
Cut those assholes on council down to save some money!
Really this is a disgrace! 

I get limiting the amount of animals one house may have.  But no way in hell can someone tell me I cannot have a certian type of animal.  if its legal to have in Canada of course.

BC banned ownership of exotics a while ago.

This ’ feral cat’  issue is a real problem in my hood.The neighbors let them out at night and they stink up everything on my property. (swing set, summer tires, and under my deck??? I can’t open my door in the morning without an ammonia odor)
If they do survive this probable closure, they sure could use this “second kick at the cat”(sorry…I had too) to gain a smidgen more support from the residents ( and ,i know, some businesses) of Rupert.
Maybe I’m on a rant…Anyone else :neutral_face:

  Justin Case… what are the reasons for the city to be considering the closure of our much needed SPCA ? I am not aware of the situation…
Is it a huge financial mess, or can the public step up, and help get them back on track ?  what’s going on down there ?

Well there is a finance situation which must be met, the SPCA need ex amount of dollars which I am unable to touch on at this time, they do have a hell of running cost. I think the citizens should or could voice their opinion in regards to what could happen. I just volunteer every so often but sure do love them lil critters. I think it would be very lowdown move to let such an organization faulter. I am just pissed off as usual when it comes to city moves or are they Jacko moves.

        I see… we sure have not seen or heard much from our Mayor, not good when the city needs to know what steps are being considered to hold on to what we have left… it’s making me a bit uncomfortable about Rupert’s situation.

Those are not “feral cats”, those are just pets that are not fixed, let out to wander and that is the responsibility again of the owners but we have touched on this before.  We need a spay/neuter program in Rupert desperately, a mobile one would be fantastic as Dr.Kennedy and Dr.Jamison have their hands full as it is and so does the Wildlife shelter.  I spoke with Gunther yesterday and they have at least 25 cats there that have been abandoned and they have picked them up.  We have to give kudos also as there are some people around town, who, out of pocket, are having “homeless” cats spayed/neutered and adopted out.  Namely CES and I am so grateful to them for that. They take wonderful care of those in that area.  I wish I had the means to do the same. I guess we can only wait and see what the prognosis is for the shelter and be willing to step up to the plate as a community and assist wherever possible. Lindsay and the staff have done a stellar job and this is very disheartening to them and all us volunteers.

Justin you have made some excellent points. As we know the city has at least 12 individuals (3 mgmt (over $100,000) and 9 over $75,000) on the payroll, perhaps the city can start there with their cuts. Not to mention all the travel expenses on top of that. Terrace only has one individual over $100,000.

And with the sale of Watson Island, perhaps the city can find money in the budget to keep assist with the SPCA and more hours at the library. I never could figure out why the city has to subsidize a golf course used by a few, this certain could be sold and run privatized vs having people on the city’s payroll maintaining the grounds. Are there areas the city could trim? You bet!

Justin, if you run for council I would vote for you. I do regret my vote on the few I did vote for in the last election. I too am dissappointed by the representation of the people vs for afew.

Yeah once I know who you are Justin I would vote for you too…
Yeah it’s appalling how other towns keep their costs down, while this place continues to waste money…  I am upset over the library cuts too, now the SPCA might go…
What next the police force…?

Increase the fare on the subsidized airport ferry by about 74 cents a trip and enough revenue should be generated to pretty much cover the SPCA’s $47K funding shortfall.

Increase the ferry fare by another 60 cents or so and the library would get the funding it asked for … and should be able to maintain previous levels of service.

… and if people are concerned about eagles and other wildlife that tourists (and some of the rest of us) like to see, increase the ferry fare by about 3 cents and the Wildlife Shelter would receive previous levels of support from the city.

So long as the council and its functionaries manage the ferry service on a ‘that’s how we’ve always done things’ basis … meaning heavily subsidized by Rupert taxpayers … there will be a lot of things that this town will be going without.

Pretty sad state of affairs … hard to understand the ‘in the box’ thinking at city hall. In fairness to the council members, though, they don’t seem to be presented with much in the way of options by their officials … creative solutions seem to be short supply.

It all sounds so easy and may I venture to say, “do-able” BTravenn…If not only Council but John Q public taxpayer would agree, we could have some solutions to these multiplying problems.  You and Justin Case should toss your hats in the ring next time 'round  :smiley: