SPCA needs more puppy chow and has 19 puppies!

:astonished:The SPCA has 19 puppies and needs people to foster them.  I’m thinking of fostering one.  What fun!  You get to play with a puppy for a few weeks, then send it back!  (I’m only half kidding)  Anyway, the number to call, if you’re interested is:


And they’re still looking for puppy food.

RU sure as I bought some last time after searching all over town for it and when I went up there with 2 bags finally, the call out for it had been a great success. Thank you to all those who came to the rescue :smiley: Keep up the good work, please. They always could use a few things to help out. Kitten and catfood also and blankets for the kennels.

I’m just relaying what I read in the classifieds in the paper.  Maybe they just haven’t updated their “ad”. 

All the puppies that we there got shipped to Vancouver where they will get adopted way quicker. Although spring is coming so im sure there will be more pups soon enough. And as far as i know they dont really foster out animals here. :smiley:

Conspiracy :smiley:

Yeah, sort of strange they would ask for people to foster when they don’t do fostering… hmmm…

yes they do foster (the spca) i have fostered puppies and kitties. many times they need the help with the space, and it helps them get a profile on the pet, (how it interacts with families and other pets and to help get the animals socialized)

Pretty clear by their website that they do fostering:  spca.bc.ca/princerupert/

well, i beg to differ with all of you. :stuck_out_tongue: They very rarely foster out animals in PR as there was many problems with people ‘forgetting to bring the animals back’ to the SPCA. If you have fostered you are most likely well known by the staff there.

As stated by Ibaz1989 that is true. I was in there last week, and tried to get a dog/puppy fostered. But was informed that they no longer foster animals here in Prince Rupert is because of the people who foster the animals never bring the pets back, pay for the adoption fee, or answer any of their calls. Its sucks for me, I had my landlord agree to let me get a pup, when th SPCA phoned her; she told them no. I would like to find a place in town on the east side that would allow pets. A place like that is like the holy grail here in Rupert.

The SPCA is currently looking for new members for their Community Council as I read in the View last week.  Some issues such as this should certainly be raised as I do not know the policy relating to fostering but it seems strange that you would be denied on the basis of “they do not foster anymore”.  I believe it is on their website that they do and are always looking for good homes for the little fellas to go to for awhile as it benefits both the animal and the shelter for assessment reasons for one. Maybe call during the week and speak with Alexcee or Lindsay.  It is true also that it is very difficult to find a place in Rupert that will take animals.  It is very sad and people wonder why the shelter is so overloaded !

it’s a win-win situation, the people get a pet . . . and SPCA has one less animal to care for?

The BCSPCA prince rupert branch is always willing to take applications of people willing to foster.  (it says this on our website)

when the ad went out for foster people there was a misunderstanding.  we were not looking for one person to take one pup…we were looking for people who had the space, time and experience to take THE WHOLE LITTER!

so if you are interested in fostering sometime in the future please go onto the BCSPCA"s website and fill out a foster application.
a few things to think about before hand

1.most of the times that we have needed foster homes it is for whole litters of kittens or pups. sometimes with the mother sometimes not.(that could be up to 10 animals)

2.you may have to commit to a period of up to 8 weeks if you travel or have a busy lifestyle, fostering may not be something you can take on.

3.YOU HAVE TO BRING THE ANIMAL BACK!! or adopt it at the end of the set time as agreed upon.  we make arangements for our animals to be transfered down to the lower mainland and when we make the arrangements we need the animals to be back at the shelter.

4.fostering is in no way or form “a trial period”  we do not foster animals so you can see if they will fit into your home.

spring is right around the corner and we will definately be looking for people to take litters of kittens.  but we need the applications first.

thank you
i hope this clears up any misunderstandings :smiley: