SPCA asking people to stop abandoning dogs at the shelter

The SPCA says that people have been leaving dogs in front of their building during the night instead of surrendering them the proper way, and it needs to stop.

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WOW!!! Some people really need to learn how to take care of what they buy!!! Yes a puppy is cute and once they grow up they aren’t always as cute. But still…you bought the animal knowing darn well that it will grow up and become an adult dog. What’s next…people are going to be dropping off there children cuz they aren’t as cute or they don’t listen as well as they did last week??? Come on now. Learn to deal with what you have and what you have bought just because you don’t think it’s cute anymore don’t make it someone elses responsibility. Or if you have be man\woman enough to do it durning the daylight/business hours!!!

while I certainly dont agree with just dumping your pet off at the spca…I can understand how the 50 dollar fee might be putting off some people. If a person no longer has the means to take care of their dog then 50 dollars can easily become a huge amount. Or it could just be the shame involved with no longer being able to care for them. Tethering them to the door may not be the best solution but it beats abandoning them on the highway.
Was nice to see that they are willing to try to work out the fee…and not to hijack the thread but dont we have a bylaw that pitbull type mutts must be muzzled in town? I cant count how many intact males Ive seen grunting about at the end of a leash held by some kid. Im starting to think they are the most popular breed in town :frowning:

Obviously you can’t condone this kind of behaviour but is it not possible in this case, given the fact the dog is well cared for, expensive collar etc, that some one found him and unable to take him in themselves for the night, did what they thought was the best solution for the dog. Maybe he got separated from his owner and was roaming the streets and at least this way they would know he was safe and would be cared for when the shelter opened. We don’t know if the person called the shelter and left a message regarding the found dog. It is awful that owners are so irresponsible that they “ditch” their animals, I can’t imagine ever leaving my pets this way but some people have no concern whatsoever. They have been leaving cats and kittens at the shelter doors also. Very sad but let’s hope this one has a happy ending! Keep us posted Lindsay, if you have a minute, please!