What does the spammer thing in red mean?

if its bad tell me so i can get off the site.

And not mess with the HTMF.

Well, its probably not good.

I think its cancerous

some kind of leprous black plague. take your computer outside and burn it, quick before it spreads!

Go play behind a jet engine.

I will if you stand infront of it. Your guts spattered all over the place would be quite fulfilling.

It’s quite possible to survive standing in front of one. There are accounts of people being sucked in, all their clothes ripped off and the wind sucked out of them, but in the end they walk away from it. I don’t, on the other hand, recall and survival stories of people walking behind a jet. It would fuck you up quick with the 15,000-66,000 pounds of thrust it puts out.

While were on the topic, I remember when I read the book ‘Chickenhawk’, there is a part where a GI walked into a moving tailrotor of a UH-1 and made it out okay… luck.

yea, but if I were to walk behind a jet engine, it wouldnt be on full throttle as the jet would be taking off or in the air if it was putting out that much power.

So, are you saying that they don’t apply full power from a stopped position to start the take-off roll?

some power, but no, not full power

that would be insane

Some power is enough to turn you inside out. I recall hearing from the people at Rolls-Royce saying that if you stood anywhere less that 150 feet or something behind their new turbofan at 1/3 power, it would kill you. Learned a lot about aircraft engines this summer.

The people at Rolls-Royce are lying.


I am sure that multi-billion dollar compay has to lie to impress people.

Enron :unamused:
MArtha Stewart :unamused:
Microsoft :unamused:

Mr. Lumpy knows. He tried it.

I should rephrase than. I dont think Rolls-Royce needs to lie about the killing power of their engines.

I think you just like saying Rolls-Royce a lot. ROLLS-ROYCE EVERYBODY! IM COOL! BLING BLING YO YO…

you really dont know what you’re talking about…

How do you figure? Or wait, maybe their engineers don’t know what their talking about, right.

no, their engineers know what they’re talking about, they are after all ENGINEERS!

Its 3rd parties such as yourself that hear them say a couple things and think you know everything. Just because your video game does something doesnt mean its real.

What the fuck is with this guy?
I just relayed a fact I know. I am not saying I know everything about this topic, and I am unsure where you got the impression that I do.

[quote=“hammer_time”]some power, but no, not full power

that would be insane[/quote]

You’ve never watched a carrier takeoff?

I’ve also been at the end of a runway and watched planes take off on full afterburners, from a standstill.

Yes, they use 100% of throttle + afterburner. From a stopped position.