Spammer rank

Or they could just hire back the ones who lost their job when the schools closed.

And on an unrelated note, why is my own profile box thingy calling me a spammer?

That’s all well and good, but WHY does it call me a spammer? I

Do you know how titles work on web forums?

It’s just a rank, it will change when you make more posts.

If you’d like a “custom” rank, I can create one for you.

Ahh…I thought my rank was “mavis beacon” (sadly, I own one of her programs) and the spammer thing was just a taunt on how much time I spend online (at work)

I remember back in the day, when I was freaking out about that little title.

Ahh good good times.

Oh and Mig how long can these titles be?

that there is just right out of left field. I didn’t see it coming.