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From: “Charles Sibaya”
Date: Thu Mar 20, 2003 12:51:40 PM Canada/Pacific
Subject: from Charles,please acknowledge receipt

Dear Friend,

I am CHARLES SIBAYA a native of Cape Town in South
Africa and I am an Executive Accountant with the South
African department of Mining and Natural Resources.
Please accept my apology for using this medium to
convey a transaction/business of this magnitude, but
this is due to the confidentiality and prompt access
reposed on this medium. I have decided to
seek your co-operation in the execution of this deal
described hereunder, for the benefit of all parties
and hoping you will keep it as TOP SECRET because ofthe nature of the business.
Within the department of Mining and Natural Resources
(where I work as a director), and with the cooperation
of four other top officials, we have in our possession
as overdue payment bills totaling Eighteen Million,
Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars (US$18,500,000.00)
which we want to transfer abroad with the assistance
and cooperation of a company/or an individual to
receive the said funds, via a reliable Bank Account.
Quite frankly, we are handicapped as the South African
civil service laws (Code of Conduct Bureau) strongly
prohibits us from owning/or operating a foreign
account hence your importance in this wholetransaction.

This amount (US$18.5M) represents the balance of the
total value of a contract executed on behalf of my
department by a foreign contracting firm which we the
officials (involved) deliberately over-invoiced.
Though the actual cost have been paid to the original
contractor leaving the balance in the tune of the said
amount which we have in principle gotten approval to
remit by Key Tested Telegraphic transfer (K.T.T.) to
any foreign bank account you will provide by filing an
application through the justice ministry here in South
Africa for the transfer of rights and privileges ofthe former contractor to you.

I have the authority of my partners involved to
propose that should you be willing to assist us in
this transaction by way of providing the required
account in receiving these funds, your share of the
entire sum will be 30% amounting to Us$5.55Million of
the US$18.5Million, 60% amounting to US$11.1Million
for us and 10% amounting to US$1.85Million will be
used to settle taxation and other miscellaneous
expenses in the course of transferring the funds to
your account. The business itself is 100% foolproof
and safe, as long as you maintain utmost secrecy and
confidentiality. furthermore your area of
specialization will not be a hindrance to the
successful completion of this transaction. I have
reposed my confidence in you and hope you will not
disappoint me. Should you be willing to assist
positively with a common goal, endeavor to contact me
immediately through my above email address.
If you are not interested, please also indicate so
that it will enable me to contact other foreign
partner with recommendations to carry out this deal.

I want to assure you that my colleagues and I are in
position to make the payment of this claim possible
provided that you can give us a very concrete
assurance of the safety of our share. Please, always
treat this matter with utmost confidentiality, because
we will not comprehend any form of exposure as we are
still in active government service. Time is of essence
in this business, so kindly act fast.

I await in anticipation your fullest co-operation.

Yours Faithfully


[quote=“MiG”]From: “Charles Sibaya”
Date: Thu Mar 20, 2003 12:51:40 PM Canada/Pacific
Subject: from Charles,please acknowledge receipt


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Charles Sibaya was my mothers maiden name, weird coincidence.

I got 5 emails with NBA picks in them. I have no idea why I got them, since I rarely get the same spam twice, but every single pick of theirs was right, and the spread was nearly bang on every time. It was weird. They even picked underdogs a couple times.

If anyone wants to get a blowjob from me:

Buy me one of those “419: My money went to Nigeria and all I got was this t-shirt” shirts from the Reg, or else a Hartford Whalers jersey.

The Bay near Granville Skytrains station has Nordiques jerseys, so you might be able to find a whalers one there too.

Thats funny, my mom used to play for the Nordiques, odd coincidence.

[quote=“Eso”]If anyone wants to get a blowjob from me:

Buy me one of those “419: My money went to Nigeria and all I got was this t-shirt” shirts from the Reg, or else a Hartford Whalers jersey.[/quote]

that’d better be one hell of a blow job - t-shirt’s on it’s way


[quote=“Eso”]If anyone wants to get a blowjob from me:

Buy me one of those “419: My money went to Nigeria and all I got was this t-shirt” shirts from the Reg, or else a Hartford Whalers jersey.[/quote]

that’d better be one hell of a blow job - t-shirt’s on it’s way[/quote]

Man you must really be hurtin. Just go tell a chick to do it.

no, i doubt hes hurtin, he just wants a guy to gobble his wang

I wish Joan Rivers was dead… and he daugher too…

The Acadamey Awards are sooo gay… yet I can’t urn it off…

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I’d also like to go out on a date with that Gal from the Listerine Pocket Packs commercials.

Some guys tried to steal this little rat dog off the street today… I might relate the whole story some time.

Thats funny, my mom used to work as a professional rat-dog theif back in the day, odd coincidence.

From: “simon kaby”
Date: Fri Mar 28, 2003 11:15:12 AM America/Vancouver
Subject: proposal


Compliments of the season.I do foresee the surprise this letter will bring to you as it comes from a stranger,But be rest assured as it comes with a good-will intentions.

However, your address was courtesy of a business centre at the WorldTrade Centre here in the netherlands.And after due consideration, I became aware and assured of your credibility of handling this trust/transaction. Thus,i took a humble decision to solicit your assistances, understanding and co-operation in this transaction, as it will be beneficial to us.

My name is Mr S. Kaby , one of the former adviser on arms control and acquisition to the current president of Sierra Leone,His excellency Ahmed Kabbah.

Following the civil war in my country ,the head of state delegate me toarrange for arms purchase from Netherlands through an independent armsdealers.I was directed for arms worth of Thirty six million united states Dollars [us$36 million] .On arrival in Netherlands ,I defected to the rebels side and declined to go back to sierra leone .I decided to divert this fund which was brought through diplomatic means and deposited in a security company here in Netherlands and declared it to be an official consignment belonging to my foreign affiliate.

Currently, this proposal is to inform you that I want to transfer this fund into any of your personal account or company’s account within the shortest possible time for save keeping.

Please note that this transaction demands the highest degree of trust and confidentiality between us, moreover, it’s a risk free in sense that I have taken proper care of all formalities regarding it.

In appreciation of your assistance , I have worked out the sharing ratio for this transaction as follows:70% for my investment in your country under your close supervision and directions, 25% for your effort [help and assistance] and shall set aside 5% for all incidental expenses.Please reply on the above email as to give me your private telephone and fax number for confidential communication .

As I wait to hear from you ,be informed that all communication on this
transaction shall be confidential.

Thanks your.

Best regards,MR KABY.

+31 630 233995

From: Jonathan
Subject: Things to note
Date: Tue,18 Mar 2003 19:12:30 PM

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Best Regards,

i dont think sierra leone has 36 million us dollars in the country anyways