Spam celebrates its 30th birthday

It’s not quite as historic as the day that Alexander Graham Bell beckoned Watson over the telephone, or Marconi dashed and dotted tones across the Atlantic, but the now omni present scourge of Internet in boxes everywhere is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its creation.

Spam, the annoying flotsam of the world wide web came into being in this world on May 3, 1978 when 400 computer users received the first mass marketing message from Gary Thuerk of DEC computers. An intrusion into the then young days of the Internet that was met with less than a warm reception from the unlucky 400…

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Spam the meat celebrated it’s 70th birthday last year. Good times.

Spam on the internet though, not-so-good times.

I was running thru the logs of my server, it handles about 350 mailboxes.
Between midnight and 9:00 am the Falko dns-lookup and fake domain lookup blocked over 49,000 spams from even entering the server. Another 2,000 odd were sent to /dev/null cuz the spam scores were too high in amavis, and ppl who’d enabled my Send-all marked ***SPAM to /dev/null tossed over 1500 more…
That’s a goddam incredible amount of spam. I still get over 20 a day that weasel thru in spite of it all.
I fully believe those reports saying spam amounts to 95% of all e-mail these days.