Space 1999

Does anyone remember this old space show from the 70’s?  I am surprised this show is not on the Space channel.

Space: 1999 (ITC Entertainment and RAI, 1975-77) is a British science-fiction television series. In the series, nuclear waste from Earth is stored on the moon. The waste explodes in a catastrophic accident on 13 September 1999, which knocks the moon out of its orbit and sends it and the 311 inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha hurtling uncontrollably into outer space.

lol this is a funny clip…

I think the reason is that A&E owns the rights to the show.

These monsters were my favorites:


It was the most dreadful show of the times… 90% of it was “Talking Heads” Martin Landau and Barbara Bains… almost no action, corny spaceships, few monsters and when they were they were ridiculous.
Had no idea it was British when it aired. We always watched it on the Yankee channels…

(c’mon of course we watched it. Everything else was lame in those days… the “Time Tunnel”… “the FBI”… “Hawaii 5-0”… “Batman”… “The Invaders”… even the original Star Trek was hokey)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh and don’t forget.  KOJAK!!!


:sunglasses: Who luvs ya, baby!

I think Kojack was later, early 70s.
There was enuff glare of his chrome-dome to penetrate the clouds of Afghan hash… it must have been 1970, 71…

The last thing i want is for this to turn into the complaning about the complainers, so all i will say is that both me and my wife liked the show

Well check out a couple of better series from the 60s. Voyage To The Bottom of The Sea was far more entertaining and based on a less preposterous premise.
And of course, the penultimate was the original Outer Limits. Many a Grade 6 or 7 had to be dragged from under their bed, still quivering in fear, and shipped to school the next morning.

lol yah, Now I remember those ones.  That shape shifter lady turned into one of those.
I also remember the crew fighting a huge space spider with one huge eye.  :astonished:

Kojak was '73. Outer Limits, along with The Twilight Zone (can’t believe it started in '59) were my favourites, and I never made it under the bed.

If people are desperate for their old favourites, Amazon has a sale on.  You can get full seasons for 15.99. 
I ordered a couple of my old favourites (Rockford Files and Alfred Hitchcock) and a couple I missed (Amazing Stories and Quantum Leap).
There is a 17 disc mega set of Space 1999 for 62.99 if you are interested.  I wasn’t. 

The one the aliens stole ten square blocks of suburbia to test humans as slaves, and the humans all joined hands to infect themselves into lumpy rock monsters as a protest?
That was truly creepy & unsettling!
I have a couple friends who never made it under the bed either. They peed the chesterfield… :smiley:
And the Twilight Zone about the bomb shelter is to this day a classic. Surprised Rod Serling didn’t get himself blacklisted.