Songs please

List your fave songs so i can download them. I need to expand my song list

further then werid al.

Strung out - Mind of my own

Dude, Weird Al rocks, he he.
My fave song right now would have to be:
Halo by Soil
And definitely get some AC/DC, essential.

Victor Wooten/Flecktones - Zenergy or Zynergy

The Dandy Warhols aren’t bad


My bass teacher let me a borrow a Victor Wooten video, Fodera. Some of the stuff he plays is amazing.

  • Scissor Sisters (mainly all their tracks)
  • Burden Brothers ( beautiful night, shadow )
  • Dead Celebrity Status (we fall)
  • My Chemical Romance (demolition lovers, give em hell kid, this is the best day ever)
  • Sanctus Real (audiance of one, everything about you)
  • The Killerz ( Mr Brightside )
  • Three Days Grace (wakeup)

recent downloads i’ve liked:

cracking up / the jesus and mary chain
c’mon c’mon / the von bondies
seven nation army / the white stripes
hate to say i told you so / the hives

And as Tootz says, The Killers are good too.