Something new opening!

That sounds like rather expensive dining. I like to see some form of entertainment setting where we may hear some good blues and laidback Rupert Talent, we do have some very talented musicians in our town. I do not mean loud stuff but real down to earth.

One thing they said is that they’re going to just serve local seafood. No Atlantic Lobster or anything.

excellent more so that summer is nearly over,

no oysters locally i am aware of (except for a friends stash) they need warmer water i think but seafood should be ok to do.  Will they bring in a chef?  I have visions of a really nice place like the Blue Water cafe but then it could end up being all deep-fried stuff too…hope they have some good dreams.

what summer?  The calendar shows another 7 weeks or so but not here of course. 

RE: New Eattery
I wish them well, but as someone else said I hope it’s not a bunch of deep fried shit.

How about a new restaraunt with a stage for local talent… if we filled the bars we have then i’d say more entertainment, but we’re  a few more stores closing before we’re a ghost town with a container terminal… it’s a lil sad.

Ill pass, seafood sucks in rupert.  Local seafood contaminated in our human waste from lack of a treatment plant… Thats all i want to be thinking about when im eating there.

Well, there’s oysters from Van Isle.  So, semi-locally, I guess.

Local does not mean literally local… It wont be out of the harbour…  It will be caught from nearby waters and will be wild not farmed I hope.  As long as it’s not all deep fried stuff.
For a ocean front town to not have a decent seafood restaurant that has been bad.  I hope the local part of it is not all talk.  Many restaurants bring in bulk frozen portions and call it local but it’s not.  

meh. Im not that excited, not a big fan of the owners…
Too bad the actual Peglegs isnt open anymore.

Can someone tell me who the New Owners maybe ?

Read the thread Justincase…

So Bubba your telling to read the thread , now seriously your telling that is their names or has my French Brain missed something ? Anyway what the hell you doing here after saying you were going to stay away from HTMF. Are you addicted to Threads Bubba ?

Didn’t say I was staying away, said I was THINKING of it…

There’s a difference.
And the beginning of the thread says that it’s the people who owned envy and concrete…


Didn’t say I was staying away, said I was THINKING of it…

There’s a difference.
And the beginning of the thread says that it’s the people who owned envy and concrete…[/quote]


Sooo… who are the owners of envy and concrete?

The last incarnation of Peglegs had a stage that featured local talent two nights a week of mostly a singer/songwriter folksy style…Chrys Thompson, the owner Rod Daigle and several others played a couple nights per week. Perhaps if more people actually supported the entrepreneurs who are attempting to give the town more diversity…

There used to be a great oyster farm out by Humpback Bay…unfortunately there wasn’t a processing plant in Prince Rupert. None met the requirements and were willing to perform (and pay for) the needed changes to be able to process a minimal amount of product…there still is a working oyster and scallop farm near Queen Charlotte and they process their shellfish through the Albion plant there. Most of their small production is sold at the farmers’ market but they could certainly increase their production and ship the shellfish to Rupert on the floatplanes or ferry.

figh fight fight fight !!!

ok ok ok just kidding lol


figh fight fight fight !!!

ok ok ok just kidding lol[/quote]


Is something new opening at the old Audiovision store as they have the windows covered on the inside with plastic and today we drove by and they were measuring the awning? Are we in for a grand unveiling or something?

The one that is currently there at the old peglegs place sucks all reports i hear about it know one likes it they prefer the old one