Something I thought I'd share

For those geeky types like myself I always like seeing something different and innovative, especially when linux is concerned, so I wanted to share this link with you guys :smile:

Apparently you can build your own distro img.
I’m going to test it this evening and learn more about it but I think it’s interesting :smile:
Running through the interactive iso generator now with the minimum packages, and going to throw it on a drive and see what we got :smile:

I’ve used Suse Studio quite a bit:

Lets you create a custom distro as well, from the very small just-enough install for a virtual server, all the way to a distro with fancy GUI and all the apps installed.  And you can customize it all with your own scripts, logos and graphics all pre-installed.  I made a couple of HTMF distros.

Had to do alot of reading back in 94 to build my own; even with some Unix knowledge. Found this site after reading this thread and looks like a good resource for helping really “build your own”.  Give it a try. A learning experience.

Thanks for both links. So I guess this isn’t quite nothing new. Never came across anything like this before myself,
I liked the susestudio. Checked that out last night, certainly seems to give more customizing ability than the one I posted where as it just had three different package levels. Seems perfect for one who wants to interactively generate an img, but the linuxscratch link I really like because it is more in depth on how to actually build your own :smile:
Thanks guys :smile: