Someone could use a refresher course

Federal government employees driving habits costing Canadians in car repairs and write offs. … ref=canada

I was about to be disgusted and appalled and then I noticed more than half the accidents are by the Mounties according to the “reported numbers.” I can’t really argue with those as they are on the road 24/7, many times in high-traffic areas and in aggressive driving situations.

The rest of the schmoes on the dole that are having fender benders should have a deductible of %25 of the cost of the material damage to the vehicle(s) involved. Or some other counter-measure to cause these guys to drive better.

My pessimism is telling me in all irony it’s probably alot of ICBC / ProvinceInsuranceCorporation staff. lol

The numbers in the story are from a TEN YEAR period. The CFIA came in second with 999 accidents. That’s a hundred per year… with Wikipedia (the ultimate source!!) stating there are over 7000 employees in that department. Seems not that bad to me…of course, not all those employees are field staff but still.

I didn’t see in the story where actual blame was assigned to these accidents so charging the driver with 25% seems presumptuous, even if they ARE provincial insurance workers who work for the federal government… which would be more than ironical. Nonsensical, maybe.