Somebody has some issues!

Not too sure what the benefit is in vandalizing a church, but on the west side someone has taken the spray paint to the United Church’s (6th Ave W)  front doors.

They’ve spray painted in black “God hates us all”, added a little circle with what looks like a cross and then tagged it with D. O. C.

Prince Rupert CSIers can now get on this one, lending their knowledge of local tags to the data base here.

Can’t really figure out what they hoped to achieve by this one, same thing when they do the graffiti thing and broken window sessions to the elementary schools. What does it accomplish really?
All in all, it’s a prety lame thing to do, in my opinion.

Suspect they won’t be caught. Unless somebody gets a  bit of a guilty conscience.

But I’m going out on a limb here, when I say I don’t think God hates us all, but he/she is probably a tad disappointed in a couple of us… 

The Podunkian 3:16

I think and I have put this idea forward many times now to Probation and the RCMP , that one who does this kind of silly but expensive crime and is caught should be made to clean it off with proper paint remover. If its a car then he/she must get into a paint stall with or without a mask do the work. I have had defense lawyers say but it could be harmful to their health. Well it is very expensive to the victims and the old saying You do the crime then you do the crime. Let them keep getting away with it and every kid gets painted with the same brush. I have been dealing with kids long enough to see the hard work the community police and stakeholders must put up with.

I dont even bother calling the cops anymore if damage gets done to my property.
Actually I dont even answer my door anymore if someone calls them on me.
If my music is to loud and i see them show up at my door, I just turn it down and let them keep knocking.  Its kinda funny

you’re cool.

Could be done with restorative justice actually.

Restorative justice is a hit and miss situation, must have everyone working on the same level, that starts with Police, victim ,courts and the defendent. But it has worked on many occassion that is for sure …Hit and miss.

Every kind of Justice is hit and miss isn’t it? If any one form was guarantee’d to work we wouldn’t have to do anything else.


God Hates Us All is a reference to a song from the  band Slayer.  Soooooo, if you are CSI-ing you are probably looking for somebody who is hard into the metal scene…and hard core slayer fans are easier to spot then a fat person at a gym.  remember…the evidence never lies. 


Or perhaps someone just thinks that God does, in fact, hate all of us?

Coincidence != Causality

I don’t believe in any kind of vadalism to get your point across…So whoever it was that did that to that church has definate issues with the church. However, they should take them up with the church officials…I understand that there was a lot of travesties in the past caused by the hipocrates of some religions…They still have those hipocrates who deny what really took place…And that to me is a travesty in itself…But there is no need to vandalize things to get your point across…But who really knows how these vandals really feel…

Probably just a couple of punks, our on their nightly cruise after smoking some joints, who happen to get a hold of some spray paint, and decided it would be funny to paint “God hates us all” on the church doors. That church being the closest to wherever they nabbed the spray paint (dad’s shop, found it, bought it)…

Anyway, religion is gay.

Or, maybe it’s someone who has recently been hit by tragedy, was hit by several bad breaks recently or lost a good friend or family member and, in a state of drunken depression, wrote those words on the church, whose hollow words of solace gnawed at his confused and angry heart.

Does it justify his actions? No, but we can at least understand them.

Shame on you all for judging so quickly.

I think it’s obvious by poolboy’s comments who did it…sorry for your loss poolboy…oh…and i’m still a 'musclebound bully who jerks off while starring at his own arms"

Wow, somebody really does have issues!  :astonished:

So Poolboy after reading your post in regards to your statment "Shame on us for judging " it appears to me that if someone goes out and kills another fellow human being and when he/she gets to court and say they did it because they were abused as a child , you will allow that to stand as their defense , you will accept this bullshit cop-out reason. You sound like some Liberal Lawyer who keeps walking these repeat offenders in and out of the system. They mess with someone property and get caught then they pay the price and learn that was a bullshit move on their part. You do the crime , you do the time.

[quote=“Justin Case”]
You do the crime , you do the time.[/quote]

Technically that’s not entirely true. You only do two-thirds if it’s provincial time. One-third if it’s federal.  :wink:


Come on now Mike, you know that is also due to those Liberal Lawyers once again and you know where I am going with my thoughts on this issue. If not that I will accept but I ain’t going to accept this bullshit bleeding heart crap , “I did it because of that bla bla shit” so well in that case here is another slap on the wrist, have a good day.