Some say tata to cheap gas, some say hello to a tata…

CIBC World Markets the investment arm of Canada’s CIBC banking system, issued the alert today that the price of a litre of gas will soon be shocking our systems. The mad rush to automobiles world wide, with Russia, India and China only now jumping onto the mass production treadmill, means that an already depleting resource of the world is going to get used up even quicker.

So in the fine capitalist style of supply and demand, the price according to CIBC should be hitting 1.50 a litre in short order, making today’s 1.08 levels positively nostalgic by the summer.

While North American’s ponder what to do with their SUV’s and other soon to be dinosaurs of the roads, cast an eye over to India, where today they introduced the Nano Tata, a 3 metre long compact, that sits four (five if you all squeeze) and gets 50 kilometres a litre and if you really push it will reach 65 km/h…

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It’s also priced to sell at $2500.00

Adof Hitler (God bless his soul) in the 1930’s had the same idea with Volkswagen  “people’s car”.  Cheap on gas, highly affordable and since it’s model stayed the same over the years, it was easy and cheap to get parts and maintain.

Well he may have championed the “people’s car”, but like all despots he tooled around in something a tad more luxurious… … r_3_db.jpg

can’t believe I’m sidetracking my own thread… 

This is all well.  However–Mr. Podunkian–do you think that if Mr. Steven Harper’s government (for  argument’s sake) was to subsidize an affordable line of environmentally friendly car in this country that you would expect his chauffeur to drive him around Ottawa in one.  He would still be using the Government Limo all the same.

Well considering where Mr. Harper’s political base is these days, I suspect we’d all be driving around in gas guzzling Escalades, so I’d like a navy blue one with sat radio, a kickin’ sound system and GPS on the off chance I got lost…

At $1.50/L that would be about $30.00/100 kms in an Escalade. Did you not buy the wife one for Christmas like the TV commercial suggested?

The Tata reminds me of our next door neighbour’s NSU Prinz. Grew up on the slopes near SFU and she’d sit at the bottom of her driveway and rev the snot out of it in order to make it up the driveway. It was so small the kids in the backseat had the grocery bags on their laps.

If you can afford the Escalade you can afford the gas