Some pet owners

I went for a walk this morning through downtown and had to walk around numerous piles of dog poop. Having had dogs in my life I know that caring a bag around to clean up after your dog is not a very hard thing to do!! It really isn’t. Plus when your city has garbage cans up and down there main streets is not like you have to walk very far to dispose of it. Even when I go for a walk along the waterfront there is dog poop along the sidewalks and down by the whale and the city provides bags down in that area so that pet owners can pick up after there dog if they did not bring a bag of there own. I know this isn’t all dog owners doing this but the ones that are…shame on you! If you can own a dog you should be able to pick up after them. When I was downtown a business owner came into there store and there was a big pile of dog poop just out front of there door. Now they do not have a dog in the store or own one but they had to come clean up after someone who has a dog that couldn’t be bothered to clean up after there pet. I know that this doesn’t just happen in Prince Rupert and that it happens everywhere but come on people…it is not that hard to clean up after your pets when you take them for a walk!! Don’t you clean up after them when they go in your yards?? Why should our streets be any different!!!

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Often when I’m walking my dogs I get “the glare” from many who think I’m one of those inconsiderate A-holes and have to wave a bag in front of their noses to prove I’m one of the good guys.

Any suggestions for rectifying the doggy-do problem?

I think, as being a dog owner myself, you should get a $250.00 fine for being a lazy ass person. We cant blame the dogs it is the owners that are to blame here. Get a hold of the dogs collar if it is a friendly animal and look at the licence # then report them. I see a lady a while back that was walking with three small dogs and of cource one had to do its thing right on the sidewalk. A passer by asked her to klean it up and she just ignored him and the guy blew up at her. He scoopen up some of the dog poop and threw it all over her. I was shocked but laughing my ass of at the same time. This town is a mess from all the poop all over and something needs to be done.

You can impose a fine but collecting the money would be an issue for sure. Unfortunately there are many irresponsible pet owners in many ways and this is one of the major offences for sure. I have watched out my window (I wasn’t dressed or I would have approached him on it!) as a man stood by while his dog pooped on my neighbours grass and there is a field right across the street from me, so go figure right? Some people shouldn’t have pets for many reasons but that topic has been done to death on this forum !

I’ll never understand why people leave it on the sidewalk, that’s disgusting! Tall grass, bushes, fine. But the sidewalk???
Although part of me does find it funny. Especially when I see that someone has stepped in said mess, on a giant sidewalk. Just because it’s funny how completely oblivious people are to their surroundings. Yes, it’s gross, but if you can’t miss a pile of poop on the sidewalk, then how do you not walk headfirst into the various poles around town?