Some of the funny stuff you can find on the net (ufo's in prince rupert) ha ha

some of the funny stuff you can find on the net  :smile:, look out it’s e.t.  :unamused:

Prince Rupert, British Columbia ZigZagging Ball Of Light Dropped Two Red UFOs

British Columbia Reports Posted: May 12, 2007

Date: 2006 - 2007 Time: Evening.

I am writing because ever since last year me, my boyfriend and a close friend of ours has seen many glowing light in Prince Rupert, BC. The first one we saw was last year, my boyfriend and went upstairs to the computer room and looked out the window and this ball of light look as if he had startled it, as it did a few zig zags and shot over to the mountain. He yelled for me to look at it, we observed it for a while and then 2 red lights dropped out of it, and the yellowish white ball of light just hovered over the mountain.

The red lights started scanning the mountainside, moving very, very quickly and in weird movements. We called the RCMP who said if it wasn’t coming for us and not to worry. But come on, that was very out of the ordinary, so we watched it for a while longer and the ball of light starting moving upwards, kind of like hovering slowly and turning, like a bluish and purplish then looked as if it got a little bigger. The two red lights shot up inside and it was gone in the blink of an eye. I called my mom too, and the next day she told her friend who said, that’s crazy because one of my regular customers just showed me a picture on their digital camera of a bluish light and they saw it in Port Ed on the same night.

So I felt better that I wasn’t crazy, then we observed it for about a week. Then we’ve seen a few since, but last night something told me to look outside, like this feeling it was strange and I yelled for my boyfriend to look. It was the same light hovering over our house. It wasn’t Jupiter or the north star because it was on the opposite side of the house. We watched it slowly hover upwards and kind of sideways, just like last year. Then a little light, so tiny you had to look closely moved right underneath it and that one moved across the sky. The funny thing about these lights is that it’s soundless, no noise at all and it disappeared. The funny thing about all these strange occurrences is that every time me and my boyfriend looked up online about UFOs we always see something that night. So I think somehow its connected, it might sound crazy, but I’m a sane person, I assure you. Were just very interested in UFOs.

Thank you to the witness for their reports.

Prince Rupert, British Columbia Objects Stop And Make Quick Turn

British Columbia Reports Posted: January 20, 2007

Date: August 30, 2002 Time: approx: 11:35 p.m.

A lone witness reported seeing two solid objects traveling together at a low level out from the Prince Rupert harbor. The objects stopped at one point, made a quick turn heading northeast toward Khutzeymateen Park. (HBCC UFO Note - Again, I am waiting for details on this sighting and hope to have them soon.

HBCC UFO Research Note: I wasn’t able to gather anymore detail on this sighting.

Prince Rupert, British Columbia A Craft With Black Objects Following

British Columbia Reports Posted: January 21, 2007

Date: May 18, 2002 Time: not given:

My mother was on her way to the kitchen when she stopped to look outside the living room window towards the North. She saw this craft with different color lights around it and it had two smaller black objects following behind it, my mother was calling me to wake up and look at what she saw outside, I got up just in time to see this light slowly moving to the East and it slowly Blinked 3 times before it vanished and behind Mount Oldfield which is 1885 ft. high. The objects never made a sound, and this is the first time that my mother had ever seen any real UFO’s.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Prince Rupert, British Columbia Fast Moving ZigZagging Light

British Columbia Reports Posted: January 21, 2007

Date: August 6, 2002 Time: 11:45 p.m.

Hello Brian, On Tuesday, August 6th at 11:45. My cousin and I went down to the Ocean Fish Plant to check on our fishing boats when we saw this bright light shoot across the sky from the North West to the South East in just about 3 seconds and it zigzagged at the end, then we looked up toward the North and saw this light go straight up into the sky, we saw two more lights that were stationary one light got a little brighter them it followed the first light, the third one looked like it was coming towards us it was getting brighter and brighter then it stopped and went back to where we first saw it then it went straight up into the sky. This all happened in just 15 min. there were three other people down on the floats at Royal and they too saw what we just saw, we all talked about it, we never saw anything like it before.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Prince Rupert, British Columbia More Bright Objects

British Columbia Reports Posted: January 21, 2007

Date: June 20, 2002 Time: After midnight ?

The witness I chatted with, and a friend watched bright a bright light shot across the sky at a fairly high altitude. What they both found strange about the sighting, or light was that it zig-zagged back and worth as it crossed the sky. As they watched the first object disappear, three more bright (objects) lights were seen to the north. One of the lights shot straight up and a few seconds later a the second seemed to follow the first, by shooting straight up and gone. The third light was stationary, but grew brighter then followed the first and second light which flew straight up and out of sight.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Prince Rupert, British Columbia A Bright White Light

British Columbia Reports Posted: January 16, 2007

Date: July 22, 2003 Time: 1:05 a.m.

I just had a report from Prince Rupert , British Columbia. The witness reported seeing an extremely bright flash of light in the southwestern part of the sky. The fellow then saw a bright white light traveling to the northeast coming from where he saw the bright flash. He mentioned that the light took approx: 5 minutes, traveling to the northeast from where he first caught sight of it in the southwestern part of the sky.

It finally just disappeared. The witness also said the light was very high up, but mentioned it was twice as bright than any satellite. Still another light, not as bright was noted coming from the exact position the flash was observed, but this second light was traveling to the north. No sudden moments were noticed. No sounds was heard, mainly due to the lights being so far away. So what we have is a extremely bright flash of light witnessed in southwestern part of the sky, and two other lights coming from the area the flash was observed.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

Prince Rupert, British Columbia Huge Object Travels Across The Sky

British Columbia Reports Posted: January 12, 2007

Date: January 11, 2007 Time: Approx: 9:07 - 9.08 p.m.

Hi Brian… I saw something kind of weird… at about 9:07 or 9:08 pm tonight (Wed 10th) from Prince Rupert, BC. It was a very large cylindrical object similar to a large aircraft fuselage, but I’m guessing much larger than a typical airplane. It appeared to be burning up like a meteor as it entered the atmosphere. I first saw it at about the 1100 position to the north, it streaked downward at about a 30 degree angle toward the south. From where I saw it, judging from the distance, it may have come down somewhere along the Alaskan border well into the BC side. If you get any other reports and if this sounds credible to you would you please let me know. (Name a phone number removed from report by HBCC UFO Research).

I called the local police, they gave me a UFO number but I chose to let you know instead. Give me a call anytime if you’re interested in hearing more. Hope to hear from you.

Thank you to the gentleman for the report. Also if anyone else in Prince Rupert, Kitimat, Terrace or on the Queen Charlotte Islands witnessed this object, would you please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike through the HBCC UFO Research website. HBCC UFO also spoke to CFTK Television today to see if they received any reports, but nothing had been reported. I also tried to call a Kitimat radio station, but no one was there to answer the phone and their phone mail box was full. I am still looking into the sighting.

i guess we should break out the tinfoil hats!!  :imp:

There is life out there, or so i would like to believe…i mean come on if we’re the only life forms in the whole universe then GOD HELP US…lol. It’s nice to think every now and then that we’re not alone, and if you think about it hard enough, im sure even you will see “flying saucers” and little lights floating all around…it also depends what your smoking at the time too  :smiley:

(it also depends what your smoking at the time too)

now that i think is true  :imp: