Some of my favorites

For you Photoshop/3D users out there:
(there’s over 5000 textures, many tile-able here)

Auto-generate favicons:
(A ‘favicon’ is simply a ‘favorites icon’. You see this little icon typically in your favorites list and/or address bar. Handy moreso for web developers and the like.)

For the web developers, bloggers out there:
(Lists web fonts and applicable font families.)

For you CSS’ers:

For getting some color inspiration (for a multitude of projects), try:

The URL says it all. For your daily dose of cute:

Solo Piano Radio:
(Wonderful background music. Always peaceful, always very beautiful. There’s a free stream available)

For you Photoshoppers, specifically:
(You’ve got to see this. Oh my…) … _damen.htm

Stock photos:
(Currently 339503 photos online. Free to sign up.)

One of my favorite flash sites
(And just released v.6)

Gigantic, always updating list of slick flash sites


Foamy the squirrel!
(Hilarious – to me – flash animations by the jaded, cynical but hysterical Jonathan Ian Mathers)

Last but not least, by any means: