Solly's Night

Hey, just proposing anyone want to make a Solly’s Night on Friday. Not to sure what the specials are or anything, just people I’ve talked to have said that Friday’s are best because most don’t work on Saturday. Plus the Lions play the Stampeders at 7pm. Seems like good timing. Just throwing it out there.

Friday nights, free appy’s from 5 til 6.

There’s always bar drink specials, and I believe domestic buckets are on special.

I have dinner there almost every Friday night, and it’s by far their busiest night of the week (what can I say, I rock Solly’s an awful lot).

It’s my favourite bar in town, bar none.

Bar None is a shitty bar…

Well Eso, its on then. I’ll see you there at 5

Now I can’t wait until Friday.