So like, isn't Rupert supposed to be rainy?


where’s that?[/quote]

The big usually muddy pit at the Civic Centre. It’s not too bad of a field this year so far, since it hasn’t rained much yet, but the grass they try to grow on it every year doesn’t usually last into june.

Dude, it needs to rain, that field hurts to fall on. Hoshq, ya, it’s the soccer field beside PRSS.

Dude, it’s rugby. You’re going to get banged up anyways.

What’s worse… getting pushed into or falling into the ground here where it’s hard at the moment, or being all soft here and then not being used to it when you go out of town for a tournament?

Don’t be a wuss… you’ll get used to it.

Actually, in professional rugby, they make sure that the field is soft before games.

Well that field could be soft quite easily. But that would require a little bit of elbow grease by the City, and we sure as hell know that won’t be happening any time soon. It’s going to get to the point where we are going to have to mow, rake and groom the fields ourself pretty quick. The recreation department is always the first one to be cut from the budget.

Is that fancy soccer field in Port Ed privatly owned? We should get a few private fields here.

Nope, owned by the town.

The soccar field at Seal Cove huts. Playing on that on a wet day. shudder I got a ball covered in gravel right in the face. :cry:

They shouldn’t have people trying to play soccer on gravel fields, they never used too.

Oh we played.

We played through the pain.

Gawd I hope it rains today; my car really needs a wash.

Is summer already over?? Man I can’t stand this rain anymore!

Nah, summer is just getting started. I walked Butze this weekend and I’ve never seen it drier. The plants will be happy to get a little watering.

i dont want it to rain… i wish it would clear up again…