So anyways, i´m in lima

Donñt believe the weather reports on the internet, it{s damn hot here during the days and freezing at night. and all the punctuation keys are in the wrong places on this keyboard. and the taxis seem to outnumber all other vehicles combined. Speaking of taxis, the one i took from the airport (about 30km for $5US) ran 7 red lights getting to my hotel. Everything{s insane here!

Jesus what{s wrong with these people? Highs in the upper 20s, humidity that makes Rupert feel dry, and yet the locals all walk around wearing coats, turtlenecks, hats and gloves, and they look at me like I{m crazy for wearing shorts!

Are you staying only in Peru? Or are you traveling elsewhere in S. America?

Do they also look at you funny for being a big white dude?

I have about 22 days left. tomorrow i go to cuzco and maccu pichu, then south to the lake and into bolivia, then la paz, sucre, potosi, then over to chile and back up the coast to peru for the flight home.

I{d post pictures, but the computers here look like 386s running win95 with no USB ports to connect my camera to.

They sure do, although now the sun has turned me quite red.

Ow ow ow sunburn.

Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever had a tan before. I just sizzle.

I know a former rupertite who lives in Chile. PM me if you want his email. Very nice fellow.

Naw, I´m only passing through the northernmost tip of Chile, just to add to my stamp collection.

And now I■m in Cuzco!

Don■t believe what anyone tells you, 23-hour bus rides are highly overrated, esxpecially when they involve long, unpaved stretches through the mountains and more than a thouand switchbacks!

Anyhow, I have a cold (sneezing and sore throat), I haven´t had any caffeine in 30 hours (headache) and I think I might have altitude sickness. Cuzco is at an altitude of 3300m (Calgary is only 1200m). So I might sleep the entire day tomorrow.

hoshq, did you need to get any vaccinations prior to visiting S. America?

Yellow Fever, Hep B and malaria pills, all of which are taken care of. The headache is gone, but now what makes me even more sick is the price tag for going to Macchu Pichu: $120US!