I keep hearing about the Snowbirds air show set for tomorrow, but I haven’t seen or heard any details. Anybody have any info on times and other happenings surrounding the event?

Tomorrow at 6pm.

Below is the info that ran in the Connector on Friday:

On August 4 the iconic Snowbirds will take to the skies over Prince Rupert for a display of aerial acrobatics, and organizers have planned a full afternoon and evening of activities to coincide with the show.

A community celebration will start at 3 p.m. at Rotary Waterfront Park with something for everyone. There will be vendors selling shishkabobs, hamburgers, hotdogs, cotton candy, popcorn, snow cones, sweet and savory and traditional fried bread for the celebration, while entertainment will be provided by the Coastal Medication Band, the North Coast Ceremonial Dancers, the Jon-Luc Band, Kimberly Truong and the rocking sounds of Triple Bypass. In addition to emergency vehicles and various other displays, there will be two “bouncy castles”, face-painting tattoos and a limited number of Snowbirds posters at the park for children throughout the celebration. At the same time, the Pillsbury House will be hosting a Garden Tea Party from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. that will feature music, tours of the heritage site, make your own zany hat competition and a best cake/cupcake contest.

The Snowbirds take to the skies at 6 p.m for their show, which will be broadcast by Astral Media on AM 590 for those who want to take in the performance from around town. As well as Rotary Waterfront Park, there will be speakers set up at Mariner’s Park, providing an alternate venue for people to gather and watch.

Organizers would like to remind everyone to keep their dogs at home, as the sound from the fast-flying Snowbirds can affect their hearing, and bring their own lawn chairs when possible. Bill Murray Way, the road leading to the park, will be closed to traffic, so people are encouraged to either walk to the show or find parking in the downtown core.

The Canadian Forces Snowbirds will perform approximately 50 shows in 31 locations during the 2011 season.

Thanks for the info. didn’t get last Fridays Connector. Snowbirds are running practice flights over harbour as I am posting this. They flew right over the house heading towards Mount Hays. Looks like it is going to be a great show tomorrow.

It was nice sitting by the water and seeing these fly over our heads , better camera would work but what the hell.

Awesome photo Justin case. You going to be around tomorrow ?

Yeah where and when , do you still have my cell# , maybe I may drop by Timmies for a change.

HaHaHa, you had to know I couldn’t let that slide by ! “Timmies for a change”, now THAT is classic JC !!

With the weather seemingly worsening, will our Snowbirds be able to perform today? The ceiling is awfully low for them to perform in formation so was wondering if they will cancel or might they be able to hold over til tomorrow? Anyone know?

Are the snowbirds still going to fly if the weather keeps up like it did this morning?

I hope they still fly today!! I saw them once as a little girl and would love to see them preform again here!!

I will check in at Tim’s. If not, I’ll ask Ajaye if he’s seen ya.

Mig , do you not have my cell number ? I will take a ride down to Tim’s now and look for you but I have my cell as well. I hope Ajaye does not know where I am Shitttttttttttttt .

Evidently, they’re going to decide whether or not they will fly, about 15 minutes before they’re set to go on.


For real?!? Damn!

You can’t even see the mountains, it would be dangerous for them to try and fly. Too bad they have to be in saskatchewan on saturday, they could stay here till tomorrow, when it’s supposed to be nice.

12 more years …see ya in 2023 :frowning:

yes, really disappointing, especially when the original date was for Wednesday night, but we thought we would wow the cruise ship passengers and instead booked this Thursday night. Lessons to be learned??? Be flexible - if the sun is shining and the participants are willing - then “fly at 'er”. But on the upside, had a really good spud and shish kebob dinner!

I heard the “tornado potato” (?) was a real hit, with my kids anyway.