Snow Yeah! or Snow Nay

Snow really makes me cringe. I just want to stay on the couch all day.

I would rather have rain any day - life goes on so much more easily.


Only in Rupert where you have a nice half feet of white powder turn in to a wet pile of sh*t in less than 5 hours, and then turn in to layers of frozen turd the next morning.

I actually like the snow if it would stay longer than a few days.

Love the snow, wet or dry but don’t like how it limits the ability to walk around town and on local trails. Hopefully we’ll have some warmer days to clear the trail at Butze.

Give me rain any day.

Snow should stay on the mountain, where it belongs…so I can choose when I want to enjoy it. lol

Yesterday was nice. today not so much. The sooner this snow is gone the better. There are some huge puddles, our road has about 3+ inches of water covering it in one spot. SNOW BE GONE !!!

Same thing happens in most prairie cities during the fall and spring. Alot of times that “frozen turd” doesn’t really melt away until April.

I’ll trade -30 celsius with 50 km winds for wet snow if anyone is interested.

Snow Yeah, it extends our very short days an extra hour, what more do I want at this time of year?