Snow stories of the North Coast

The forecast warning for the Prince Rupert area is calling for anywhere between 10 to 15 centimetres of snow for the North coast between Sunday night and Monday morning, meaning that by Monday afternoon Rupertites will once again be regaling each other with tales of the drive around town.

A common bit of conversation of late, that makes for a fine ice breaker if you will, and normally involves a bit of wonderment as to the strategy and success of the city’s snow removal policy.

The hot topic of the local coffee shops even received its own visual aid on Friday, as the Daily News provided pictures of an oil tanker truck having some serious problems making it up the grade of Frederick Street at Maverick Mart. The trouble on the road developed despite the presence of high grade snow tires and the addition of winter chains for the drive.

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ya here r some pics of the rig stuck :smiley:

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

I still remember that huge snowstorm back in the early 80’s ('83??) when we went to bed on Monday night and woke up Tuesday to a city buried under snow, something like four feet of the heavy,wet stuff. Everything was pretty much at a standstill but my boss made the insanely difficult trek over to our house on Atlin in his old, beat-up van and we managed to make the long drive to the office. Not many people even ventured out of their homes for the first few days…it’s rare to see a city on the coast that has adequate snow removal equipment for small snowfalls,let alone something of that kind of magnitude. Ironically we ended up eventually moving to a small town where twenty feet of snow over the winter is about average and you never see a “snow day” because they have the proper equipment to deal with heavy snow loads!

how many people do you know that lost side mirrors? 

one from this moring  :cry:  :wink: :smiley: eard it on the scanner!!

nice pictures astrothug,

quite funny lol  :astonished:

My hubby is in your town right now, and he was telling me about the snow.  Apparently his sister and her family haven’t been able to leave their driveway for days, and have been taking cabs everywhere.  But now I hear, it’s back to the normal Rupert rain!

Speaking of snow, we had a surprise blizzard this evening in Metro Vancouver. It was horrible, a 1 hour commute from Richmond (went to the Buddhist temple because it’s Chinese New Years eve) to BCIT rez turned into a 4 hour rush hour travel. Good thing I made it to Metrotown from 22nd Street on the Skytrain before it got hooped. Then I made it home 20 minutes later because Willingdon Ave was unusually clogged.

I would’ve took the B-line buses from Richmond to Commercial Station., but usually the buses are packed from end-to-end with rush hour commuters.

BTW, here’s a cell few pics of the blizzard.

Willingdon at BCIT looking north. The pic is a little shoddy but it shows traffic is pretty much at a standstill and barely moving. Usually the road is never that busy during rush hour. Road conditions is really horrible.

BCIT rez.