Snow Geese

So today at about 7:00 am a flock of Snow geese paid a visit to our city and landed in the court house lawn. I then too some pictures of a  weasel at Rushbrook floats.

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Nice pictures, astro! :sunglasses:
Heh, for a minute I expected photographs of a local politician. :smiley:

Thanks Hitest, here is a few more. :smiley:

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I see them flying past the OV all the time.

Snow Geese = Good Eats!

I saw them at The Courthouse as well.  Very cool photos Astrothug!

Your photo of the Martin is great blows the ones i took yesterday out of the water for sure.

Thanks for the use of your computer as well

Weezles are small and white like this… … zel&m=text

It looks kind of like a ferret.
Great photos Astrothug! :smiley:

Awesome pictures of the snow geese Astro. Do you think you’d let me use one of them for the newsletter I do for the Courthouse staff?

4 sure mike…
email me @ and ill send u a few with out my watermarks

here is one with more of the court house background


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Courthouse in the background:

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Crazy Mike is going to have to watch where he parks his wagon for the next little while if this is where the birds are coming home to roost… :smiley:

That’s the kind of one I was hoping to use, Mig. One with a view of the courthouse in the background. Oh and no worries about where we park, Podunk. Our trucks are already white. :smile:

E-mail me and I’ll send you the hi-resolution version.

I’ve been without good internet service for a few days (i’ve been stealing), so I didn’t see these photos on the day they were taken.  Very nice!

The Geese were chilling tonight on Doug Kerr field at about 7:30.

Those beasts were relieving themselves all over the PRSS soccer field. Playing as a goalie and having to touch the ball (which has been rolling all over the ‘littered’ field) sure was a crappy job. Terrible pun so intended.

Oh, and hi, I’m new.

Welcome to HTMF, Kakkoii Hiro:-)