Sneak peek @ dells new 10 inch netbook

check out this soon to released netbook from dell, … s-mini-10/

Looks pretty awesome, especially running Ubuntu.

or windows 7 with the touchscreen ability built in. :smile:

This new netbook seems to have everything, 720p HD screen, tv tuner, draft-n wireless, full size keyboard… All the good stuff :smile:

I t looks good, it would make a good travel lap top. :sunglasses:

agreed. it looks like good things will come to those who wait. :wink:

Why do you need an HD screen when you can barely see what’s on it?

I have to disregard that bubba, I have a 1080p screen and I can see everything on it (including text:P) just fine.

and so there is less strain on my eyes I keep it about 1 to 2 feet away from my face at a level angle :smiley:

ya if you don’t like high resolution just turn it down a bit.

720p isn’t that high of a resolution.  Jees.  1280x720 ?  It’s marketing at its best.  This laptop has lower resolution than most, but they spin it to make it look like it’s something awesome.  Most laptops out there have a higher resolution than 720p.

Aspire One, EEE 1000 and MSI wind are all 1024 x 600…

Are they all smaller screens?

I almost bought one of the Dell 9" dealies.

EEE PC1000 and Wind are both 10", the AspireOne, PC900 are 9".
AspireOne suffers from SSD suckage… with an extra Gig (1.5) and XP, it’s barely usable formatted FAT32, completely unusable NTFS… whereas the 7" EEE with 4GB SSD and XP snaps along quite well.
The AspireOne with 1GB, 160HD and XP is great.