Small Town Businesses

Since I have moved here to Prince Rupert I have seen small businesses closing. This is very sad to me. I know that it is part of the business world but what are we going to do? I mean we all say we support “local” businesses but do we really? I used to shop in envy, and now they are closed. So now where do I buy clothes that are unique and different. Yes we still have Homeworks but the selection is not as big. Yes Farwest sells coats and other things, but envy brought in a larger selection of boardcoats and more hip lines. So now where do we shop? And where do we buy shoes? There are a few places but would like a few other options. What will we do when we have nothing left? I know that everyone is getting more into buying online but how does the local businesses survive? I don’t know what I would do if my favorite places that are left would close. On my day off I enjoy taking my time wondering through those stores chatting with the workers and sometimes owners. Taking my time browsing over books at Rainforest Books. Finding out what is new there or looking at the local art. What will Prince Rupert do if they closed. Yes I know we can go online and buy from chapters but that is not the same. Picking up a good book and just holding it and not paying shipping. Going into Farwest and buying sporting goods or looking at the new items coming in. There are many other amazing independtly owned stores that other places don’t have. Yes the big box stores are great and have lots of different things at “great prices” but how do those stores support our community?

If you are looking for hip type of clothes go across the street to Rock and Soul or Loaded Sports, they are right across the street from Envy, they have a very big selection of nice, younger and hip type of clothes (pricey though).

There is also Oceanside Sports which also has some nice clothes.

Also Envy may not be closing for good…a worker there told me it is a temporary closure while they rebrand themselves into a cheaper clothing store.

It is very sad seeing these businesses close. I would love to support local business; that being said. There is one simple reason I decide to stop going to a business. Bad customer service. I dont want to paint the town with one broad stroke, but I’ve had more than my share of bad service from local businesses. It is a small town, and as the saying goes. if a customer gets good service, they’ll tell a couple friends, if a customer gets bad service, they’ll tell everyone they know.