Small engine mechanic for a 2 stroke

1961 Italian scooter that needs some work. Mostly general maintenance and troubleshooting a few small issues before next spring. I have a workshop manual and parts book, but knowledge of 2 stroke engines and a love of Vespas would be an asset.

Email me at


Why not try Rupert Rides, I think they sell little vespas and stuff, and I’m sure they have a mechanic working there too.

Thanks for the suggestion, but it’s already been to Rupert Rides and I believe they deal in 50cc automatic Vespa look-alike bikes from Asia-not vintage Italian scooters.

Furthermore, either the mechanic they had working for them knew jack sh*t about a simple 3 geared 2 stroke bike or they chose to let my ride sit for 5 weeks and not do a thing with it…personally I think I was just charged for storage because even I could tell they never even checked the spark plug or cables :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you try Props & Chops? I know he works on Harleys, but maybe he’d take a look: 250-600-0472 (He use be to be in the small engine repairs). Email: Good luck. Bike looks great :smile:

Funny enough, Norm was highly recommended to me and is working on the Vespa as we speak :smile: I am very pleased with the work he’s done on it so far and would recommend him to anyone who needs a small engine mechanic.