SLR Camera

Is there any one on the HTMF forum that is knowledgeable about SLR Cameras…

Nikon & Canon ?


seriously this technology beat the stone castle technology how can you even aruge.

Nikon slr cameras lately have been filled with too much useless stuff that you find on a point and shoot camera, i wouldn’t be superpised if they start recording movies with sound soon.

canon is jumping ahead in leaps and bounds all of their slr cameras use a CMOS type sensor
that uses less battery and reduces noise when shooting at night with a higher ISO setting

nikon still uses the CCD type sensor a little outmoded tech

the isight in my imac uses CMOS just to give you an example

Remember when buying an SLR you are not buying a camera. You are in fact buying a family of lenses. Over time you eventually replace the camera body, since they are relatively cheap compared to a set of quality lenses. So whatever brand you decide to go with, that’s the one you will be with long term. Also, as a general rule it’s in your best interest to purchase quality lenses and not the cheaper options. That’s not to say you have to buy just Canon or just Nikon. They both have lower end options as well. Just do your research first and buy the best quality lenses you can afford.

Me personally I have an Olympus SLR. One of the main selling points for me was that they incorporate a lot of the features from thier top end camera in thier more affordable models.

The short answer in Canon vs Nikon? Take the time to try them both out. It’s your eye that you want to please.


Well i jsut go tback from playing with a NIKON D50 with 18-55mm LENS it’s 699.$  I think im going to be buying this one. I like it alot and lots of the people i know like nikon and use them. So i can use there lenses too. I love canon. My A60 lasted me 3 years then just stopped working for a 240$ camera that lasted me 3 years It was good.

I am considering getting a new camera soon. My Minolta S305 has a broken viewfinder, dented lens housing, dents, cracks, cracked LCD cover, its taken so many spills I find it unreal that it still works and takes pictures. It has got to be 4 or 5 years old now. I have used a Rebel XT, but would probably go for the Sony or Nikon DSLRS.

wheres mig when i need him to back me up with the canons

I have the canon rebel 8 meg and I think I’m going to the canon 30D its a 8 meg camera, regardless of the camera you buy its more about the composition of the picture you are trying to capture. I have a 3 Meg fujifilm s3000 and a waterproof
7 meg pentex and I have taken  pictures that have been great and I have taken pictures with my SLR that turned out like crap, of course with a point and shoot its done all in camera a SLR takes a bit to learn. I’m happy with a point a shoot and use it more for taking pictures in doors and in darker settings, most of my Baby pictures are with the 3 meg camera and you cant tell the difference between fujifilm from Canon rebel. I know that didnt help much.
Again I dont care if you have 40 pound lens, its not the lens that makes the photographer its the photographer and his eye that make the picture.

I have the Japanese equivalent of the Canon EOS digital rebel (8mb), and it’s fantastic.  It’s easy to use, light, and it has really good features.

But like Mike said, you have to think about not just the camera but the lenses you want as well.  Over here, they offer the new 10 mb Rebel with a double lens kit–one 18-55mm lens, and one 55-200 mm lens.  That’s the kit I got, and while it was good at first, I found their apertures to be a bit on the small side.  That’s why I eventually picked up a 28-105 f/3.6-4.5.  It’s a good, fast lens with plenty of zoom for just about any situation.  I use it almost exclusively now.  I also got a really nice 50mm f/1.8 prime lens that’s great for macro shots and low light situations.

But at the end of the day, it really comes down to the lenses.  And chances are, if you’re moving from a point-and-shoot to an SLR, you probably won’t appreciate the difference just yet.  But I can say that both companies produce excellent quality cameras and lenses, and there’s also a number of third-party lens manufacturers with entire lines for both lens mounts.

So for now, I’d recommend you try out both makes as much as possible, then go with whichever one you like better.  You can start off with the basic starter kit, then figure out what kinds of shots you want to capture and buy new lenses as appropriate.

It’s all about the lenses.  If you already have a bunch of Canon lenses, get a Canon DSLR.  If you already have a bunch of Nikon lenses, get a Nikon DSLR.

Your lenses are your primary investment, not the body.

I have 8 Canon lenses, which I use with both film and digital bodies.

Don’t get fooled by salespeople.  You can always tell when salespeople are lying – you’ll see their lips moving.  Megapixels are irrelevant nowadays.  The jump from 6 to 8 or 8 to 10 megapixels basically means 300 or 400 more pixels out of 4000.  Not a big deal. 

Quality of pixel is more important than the number of pixels too.

Google around and make up your own mind.  Look for “megapixel myth” and “CCD versus CMOS” etc…

I like the D50, But i was told it is on it’s way out and that the d40 is just as good. To me the D50 is more professional tho. So my choice


D40 Or D50 Both with 18-55mm LENS.

or the Canon Digital Slr Xt