Slow walkers

Is it me or do people walk real slow at street crossings. Why does Rupert put up with this ,like come on.I seen a girl with a cell phone take her time a guy honked at her she gave the finger.

She has just as much right to walk slow as we all have to drive fast. Unless you were giving birth or had some other emergency taking place, patience is a virtue you’d benefit from employing.

I’d like to see a little more urgency to get across the street by some of our pedestrians.  I don’t expect them to run but it would be nice if they stopped dragging their feet and turned their saunter into a brisk walk.

There are plenty of slow walkers in Vancouver… got a problem with that? Must be a bad driver on your part.

Try people crossing the street on the red light, crossing on the street slow on the middle of the road and not on designated crosswalk, OR some village idiot driving slow at 70km/h on the passing lane on the freeway during a non-rush hour period.

I was waiting for this lady to cross the street the other day. I think I was being very courtious by waiting at the opposite cross walk, but this lady took her sweet ass time.
I did pass her after she cleared my lane, but she stopped and glares as though I just missed hitting her. I could have not “let” her go first but I did.

Maybe we could get the Horsemen to set up a “5 second rule” to get
across the street. :wink:

I generally hate the slow pedestrians as well, but yesterday I saw the opposite that pissed me off. Cab #56 pulls up to the 4 way stop at Annunciation and waits to make a right turn. As he’s doing this an old guy (probably 80 with a cane)  steps off the sidewalk and slowly makes his way across the street the cab is turning onto. The cabby who isn’t paying attention starts proceeding without checking and nearly hits the old guy. The cab driver then has the nerve to give the old guy a blast of his horn, although the senior had the right of way and was halfway across the lane!  All I could do was watch in disbelief.

Cab drivers are the worst.  Last week I saw a young family pushing a baby buggy almost get hit by a cab in Cow Bay.  The taxi ignored a “no right turn” sign  that was temporarily put in front of Smiles because the view of the intersection was blocked by a truck and narrowly missed the family who was in the crosswalk.  Very close call.

I’ve also seen cabs race across crosswalks within inches of pedestrians who are trying to cross the street. 

No wonder there is road rage.

Pedestrians do have the right of way in a cross walk. So technically you aren’t "let"ting anyone go; you’re merely obeying traffic laws.

Most of us have been both pedestrians and drivers on Prince Rupert Streets and have seen people push baby strollers out into a crosswalk without even so much as a second thought about ensuring that drivers have seen them and on the other hand I’ve also waited in the horizontal rain while up to 10 cars drove by without slowing down or giving me a second glance. I’ve also been guilty of not seeing people who are waiting to cross.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all extended just a little more courtesy to everyone who shares the street with us? Hmmm… maybe that’s a good challenge to put out there?
Just a thought…

I do agree with your post, HOWEVER, I am getting rather tired of getting the finger etc by rude YOUNG pedestrians, when all I am doing is sitting in my car waiting for them to cross the street. Last week 3 stopped in the middle of the road to chat at rush hour come on! The cab drivers are the worst… I have almost been hit by a few, been in a few cabs that I swear the driver is either high or drunk, BUT I have had one very nice guy drive my kids home even when they lost their cab money!  Thank You cab # 14 ( it was last year) I did make cookies and went up to the office to pay the bill! So yeah i guess we could all practice a little paticence!

The worst offenders have to be the “cutters”  3/4 of the way across the crosswalk the cut onto the other crosswalk, making you wait when you had the right of way.  I hate that.

I don’t have a problem with people taking their time to cross the street, especially if they’re older or have kids or whatever.  Let them take their time.  

What I have a problem with is people who SLOW DOWN when they hit the crosswalk, or SLOW DOWN when they see you looking at them.  

Walking along at normal speed, hit the crosswalk, walking at a normal speed, oh, there’s a guy in the car watching me cross.  I’m going to walk REAL SLOW now.

On the other hand, a lot of people in Rupert will wave you by when you slow down to let them cross.  Especially in residential areas.

try being a pedestrian for a day, drivers don’t seem to know where the brake pedal is in their cars. i some times slow down because some person is flying at me and i an not sure if they see me (and i do not wear all black) and really not sure if they will slow down or stop.  and for all of you who do not see the pedestrian crossing signs on 5th east (please make note now) i have almost been hit in that area many, many times and the people who blow through that crosswalk just shrug as they go by.  after 5 cars blowing past me as i wait the finger will come out.  at least the drivers pay attention to that.  also let the people cross on a walk signal before you turn, if you cut me off while i am walking i will kick your car.  nuff said!

The way some people drive in this town, you’re darn right I slow down in the cross walk. I also don’t usually cross until I have eye contact with the driver of the car.

We have a crosswalk in town noted for slow walkers. The only people who use it are headed from the Post Office or Bank to the Zoo pub.
Either there’s a correllation between alcoholism and severe hemis, or they’ve all shit themselves because they waddle like ducks.

Thats hilarious…BUT WTF is “hemis”…sorry but I need enlightening.

What I like doing is (and as Super Hans posted about not liking it when they deliberately slow down as they get to the crosswalk) coming up to the crosswalk, throwing my car into neutral and hitting the gas (well, diesel) hard.  It’s not a fool proof method, but every once in awhile I can get the slow walkers to jump. 

Yes, I’m going to hell for that I bet.  :imp:

Dated a girl with a kid brother named Royd. When he bugged us I’d rassle him into a knot and tease him: you’re not even a grown up Royd, yer only a hemi-Royd. He’d go nuts.

Ever wonder why when they’re on your ass they’re called hemorrhoids, and when they’re in space they’re called ass-teroids?

One thing Rupert needs is a pedestrian-operated traffic lights with a 10-15 second voice-display countdown timer… like those in Burnaby. That way drivers don’t have to deal with people walking very slow deliberately.

Even worse, I’ve seen this happen lots, but theres one kid with a bandanna that I’ve seen do this most, Its dark, he’s wearing all black, crosses the road where there is no cross walk, and sees a car coming and slows down in the middle of the road. I honk at him and he puts his hands in the air as if he’s challenging me to a fight or something, G-Unit piece of crap, thats what really pisses me off.