Slow Ubuntu mirror

I think this is the slowest I’ve ever seen the Canadian Ubuntu mirror!

I guess everybody and his dog must be downloading 8.10, or doing live updates.

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Yeah, the Canadian mirror was slower than hell, so I gave up on it.  I used the Utah university mirror, very speedy 300+ kb/sec (first thing Friday morning).

I installed 8.10 on my laptop.  Downloaded the iso torrent, so it was super fast.  But the few updates (already!) took about an hour to come down.  Crazy.

Me too, downloaded server64 edition by torrent on an E10 line
----holy shit!!!..
Done by the time I finished a phone call…

So made 16GB room on the laptop for Ibex, and tried the LiveCD.
Found my wierdo cheap Toshiba wireless right away.
Chickened out on the install cuz even thought I selected use freed space, the bar graph showed 100% for Ubuntu… decided to read up a bit first.
But now Vista won’t connect anymore… the router is 9" away shows only 2 bars, and Windows Cannot Connect to This Network.
Using my Ubuntu-8.04 compatible plugin Linksys wireless key now on Vista!

I think the ubuntu update servers must be getting hammered right now.  I’ve got two ubuntu boxes at work and they are taking forever to download updates (left them running over night).  My eight debian boxes at work took no time at all to update.